The defunct Coppa Ottorino Barassi

Ottorino Barassi is an illustrious name in the history of Italian football. You can now visit the website – betting sites in Pakistan that allow you to wager on all matches of the Serie A.

Barassi was an Italian sports official who was key in organizing the 1934 FIFA World Cup, which was the second edition of the tournament. This championship was played in Italy, and saw the home team winning their first title ever. He is also credited with organizing the team for the 1938 World Cup, where Italy claimed their second title. The 1xBet Pakistan website are betting sites in which you can also wager on all major football competitions.

Honoring a great figure

In order to honor the figure of Ottorino Barassi, a tournament was organized between the years 1968 and 1976. It was called the Coppa Ottorino Barassi, and it was a sort of super-cup played between the winners of the FA Amateur Cup and the Coppa Italia Dilettanti. The website allows you to play hundreds of casino games while waiting for Italian and English football matches.

The Coppa Italia Dilettanti should not be confused with the Coppa Italia. This is a championship where only teams from the Eccellenza and the Promozione play, which are the fifth and sixth levels of Italian football respectively. The 1xBet website, among its features, also offers the possibility to wager on all levels of football in this country.

On the other hand, the FA Amateur Cup featured teams that played in the fifth and lower levels within English football.

Great matches

Despite featuring teams that participated in lower levels of their respective football tournaments, the Coppa Ottorino Barassi had some excellent matches. Right now you can find all the online slots on, which offer an excellent winning opportunity that can be used while waiting for fantastic football matches.

This match was basically a final, and most of its editions were played on a home and away basis. The teams that won the tournament. Some of the squads that won this competition were:

  • Leytonstone;
  • Enfield;
  • Skelmersdale United;
  • Hendon;
  • Soresinese;
  • and Walton & Hersham.

Eight editions of the tournament were played. Six of them were won by English teams and one was won by an Italian team, which was Soresinese. At this moment all the online slots are available on 1xBet, and this platform allows its members to wager on the best football teams from England and Italy.

It is worth noting that the 1969 edition was shared by teams North Shields and Almas Roma. This occurred because both teams won their respective home matches by a score of 2-0.

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