The Facts You Should Know Before Servicing Your Car

Before you take your car to repair a defect, a question can arise–should you take the car to a dealership or a private mechanic?

You will often come across dealerships trying to convince you to service your car with them. Unfortunately, in their efforts, dealerships also say that the car warranty can become void if you do not service your car with them.

But, that is not true. So, do not believe them. The fact s that there will be no issues with the warranty if you get your car serviced by a licensed and mobile roadworthy certificate technician.

But, dealership repairs can be affordable due to the capped price programs. And, for such programs, the manufacturer subsidizes the repair costs, making them affordable.

Inclusions in a Car Service

It is a good idea to make a car service estimate before you take your car to the service station. In addition, you should also know that is included in a car service.

Typically, car servicing includes the following:

  • Engine oil change
  • Filter change
  • Checking of lights, exhaust, tyres, breaks, steering, hydraulic fluid, coolant
  • Tuning
  • Engine inspection
  • Washer fluid check

Overall, there can be more than 30 component safety checks apart from comprehensive services during a service.

The Essential Qualifications of a Mechanic

You should refrain from hiring a mechanic who does not have the essential qualifications and skills.

Remember to engage a mechanic with the essential qualifications and skills to carry out your job. Besides, the mechanic should also be familiar with the model of your car

Also, there is a wide variation in the knowledge and skills of mechanics. So, you should assess the skills and expertise of your prospective mechanic.

If you have a standard car, it will not be difficult to find a mechanic. But, if you have a luxury or European car, you need to find a speciality mechanic to repair your car.

Where to Search for a Mechanic?

You can start searching online for the best mechanic like as they are one of the leading vehicle tuning centers, calibrating software to enhance a vehicle’s performance or economy. Also they are specialising in high performance and prestige vehicle servicing backed by an experienced team who believes in servicing vehicles to the highest standard using only the best quality oils and parts at all times.

You can also ask your family members or friends to recommend a good mechanic to repair your car.

In addition, you will find many mechanics being part of nationwide mechanic and car service chains. Such mechanics provide you with standardized services regardless of the service centre you visit.

You can speak to a mechanic who offers a standard car service to understand what they offer to your car’s serving or repair needs.

Regardless of the type of mechanic you deploy, you should ensure that you get a logbook service. It allows the writing of the car’s service history, which is essential when you will sale it. The potential buyers will look at the service history before putting money in your car. A regular logbook serving indicates that you took adequate care of your car hence it is a good condition.

The Necessary Frequency of Car Servicing

Regardless of the type of your car, you should service your car every 15,000km to 20,000km. However, it is not a hard and fast rule. You can always refer to a car service guide to find when to get your car serviced.


You should not undermine the need for servicing your car on time. And, you should choose a competent mechanic or service station to fix your car’s defect. But, at the same time, it is a good idea to know some details about car serving.

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