The FIFA 23 Fernando Torres Icon Squad Building Challenge Is Now Live!

FIFA 23 players have three months to assemble the five teams needed to complete the Fernando Torres Squad Building Challenge that rewards a prime Icon card.

If you want to pay the best price for FIFA 23 coins, all you need to do is to place an order with U7Buy! Another Icon Squad Building Challenge is available in FIFA 23. The card that we can earn from this activity represents Fernando Torres. The item is a Prime Icon card. Many of you would like this card in your collection. The good news is that you have enough time to complete it. The challenge is available for 12 more weeks. If you don’t have enough coins, don’t worry, you can buy via u7buy.

How to Complete the Fernando Torres FIFA 23 Icon SBC

To get the Spanish footballer, a collection of five teams must be assembled. Like in all Squad Building Challenges, one team requires 11 cards. Let’s see the rules according to which you need to assemble each team. For the Born Legend team, you need to find 11 Rare items with Bronze level. The Rising Star team is similar. The only difference is that the player level must be Silver. The team El Nino is based on Fernando Torres’s time with Atletico Madrid. The rules for this team are one player from this team, an In-Form card, and an 84 squad rating. The League Legend team requires one footballer from a LaLiga Santander club, at least one In-Form card, and an 87 team rating. The League Finesse team is about the player’s career in the Premier League. That’s why we need a player from this league and an 88 team rating. Here is the card that is received as a reward for completing all these teams.

OVR: 91.

Position: Striker.

Stats: 93 pacing, 90 shooting, 79 passing, 88 dribbling, 45 defending, 78 physical.

Speaking of rewards, each completed team grants a pack. Like all Icon Squad Building Challenges, this too has a loan version. You get the same card that you would get for completing the main SBC. The only difference is that the loan version expires after five uses. You can easily acquire it with a Spanish player and an 81 team rating. Just like the main SBC, the loan is not repeatable. This is not the only available Icon SBC. There is still time to complete the Xabi Alonso, Hugo Sanchez, Wayne Rooney, Petr Cech, Kaka, and Steven Gerard SBCs. The Road to the Final is the current FIFA 23 campaign. It features footballers that are taking part in the European competitions.

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