The huge Brabourne Stadium

Mumbai is a city where cricket is a highly popular game. By visiting 1xBet – try safe betting in all the matches that take place in that city and in the rest of India. One of the best cricket venues in the city is the Brabourne Stadium. This facility was built in 1937, and for many years, it served as the main stadium for the Mumbai Indians.

This is a stadium with a lot of history. During all its decades, the venue has hosted matches of different competitions, such as:

  • Test matches;
  • first class matches;
  • Twenty20 matches;
  • and it also hosted some contests from the legendary Bombay Pentangular.

At some point, the Wankhede Stadium was built very close to the Brabourne Stadium. This led to the latter being largely unused, except for a few minor events. However, in 2014, it was decided to reinstate the venue as a regular place to host international cricket matches. Fans can try safe betting in 1xBet, as the website offers convenience, comfort and security like no other place in the market.

A neglected place

Despite the history of this venue, the relationship between the BCCI and the owners of the Brabourne Stadium has been tense at best. People can make 1xBet bookmaker – online match betting on all matches that take place in this ground. Due to this poor relationship between these two entities, there was a time when the ground received very few important matches.

In fact, there were no relevant cricket matches in this place between 1970 and 2006. The first major competition to reconsider the Brabourne stadium for its matches was the 2006 edition of the Champions Trophy. After this year, things would start to improve once again for the stadium. Making online match betting on the 1xBet bookmaker can be done in hundreds of cricket matches from all across the world.

Big games return

After 2006, things started to look better for the Brabourne stadium. Many competitions that can be wagered on at started to be hosted at this ground. For example, in 2008, and due to renovations in the neighboring Wankhede Stadium, Brabourne had a fair share of international matches.

Also, since the creation of the Indian Premier League, the Mumbai Indians had the Brabourne stadium as their home venue for a number of seasons. Also, the Rajasthan Royals considered Brabourne as their secondary venue during a few IPL seasons. For this reason, 1xBet will continue to offer matches hosted in this ground, and users are able to bet on them from their desktop computers and mobile devices.

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