The Importance of Adding Page Numbers to Your PDF Files

The process of putting a sequence of numbers to the pages of a book or other document is known as page numbering. Page numbers, like other numbering schemes such as chapter numbering, allow the reader to identify a specific page of a numbered document and ascertain the size of the entire text. Page numbers are typically found in the header, footer, or side margin of a document. When you need to renumber certain pages, Word lets you do so.

But what about your PDF file? Adding page numbers to PDF files may appear to be a challenging task. Today, we may use a free online PDF platform to get this solution for our PDF files. One of the best PDF utilities is PDFBear. This online tool provides a range of PDF solutions with easy-to-follow instructions.

Add Page Numbers to Your PDF With PDFBear

PDFBear’s mission is to continue to innovate and provide a better PDF solution to end-users. The PDFBear tool for adding page numbers to PDF files has been enhanced. The following are the simple steps for using the PDFBear add page to PDF files:

  1. Select the PDF file to which page numbers should be added.
  2. Allow time for the upload to complete.
  3. Choose where you want page numbers to show on the page.
  4. Download the changed file by clicking “Number pages.”

With the help of this PDF tool, anyone can easily add page numbers to a PDF document online in a few simple steps and to ensure the security of the documents uploaded, the PDFBear implemented SSL encryption on the platform. PDFBear is available to any internet browser as a user-friendly online platform, from school projects to legal documents, and is compatible with all computers.

PDFBear PDF tool lets you add page numbers to PDFs while also customizing typography and position. When you add page numbers or make changes to a PDF, all of the actions are performed in the cloud, so you don’t need to do anything.

The Benefits of Including Page Numbers in PDF Documents

A must-have tool is an online page number editor. It also necessitates keen attention to detail. PDF files, like other types of documents, must be managed in an orderly manner. There are numerous benefits to including page numbers in a PDF document. They are as follows:

  • Bates stamping in PDF organizes the pages sequentially.
  • It will be simple for the reader to keep track of how much of a PDF file they have read.
  • With page numbers, it is much easier to find specific information.

These are some of the reasons why users prefer you to include page numbers on each page of a PDF document.

PDFBear Pro-Version for Your PDF Files

When working on organizational projects involving large data sets, PDF Bear provides a plethora of tools. PDF Bear can do it all for you.  Having PDF Bear pro in your workspace is a great way to boost your productivity. This small but powerful tool is a big help for those who work from home, small businesses, and even for educators.

PDF Bear pro provides customer and technical support. This added value is critical, particularly when dealing with a large body of work. You don’t want to start from scratch. PDF bear pro has additional advantages. You are free to upload as many batches of documents as you want. It also makes no difference if you are working on a large file. The pro version also removes ads, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Furthermore, PDF Bear Pro does not have any download issues. You have complete freedom to download as many files as you like. You can also keep the completed task for as long as you want in the PDF Bear database. As a result, this is useful if you intend to work on them in the future.


If your computer is connected to the internet, you can use an online tool to easily add page numbers to PDF documents. One thing to keep in mind about online tools is that they are best suited for documents that do not contain sensitive or confidential information or use an online platform with high security and protect user’s privacy like PDFBear.

PDF page numbering is an essential component of any PDF file, and page numbers must be included in PDF documents. By reading this post, users learned how to add page numbers to PDFs using PDFBear. Page numbers greatly simplify the organization of multi-page PDF documents. It also makes it possible for readers to quickly and easily locate specific pages. Teachers, lawyers, accountants, and writers are all potential users of PDF add page numbers. Adding page numbers to a PDF file is a simple process that should only take a few seconds if you have the right tool and instructions.

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