The Pros and Cons of Working at Starbucks, Revealed

Are you looking for a part-time or full-time job with great benefits? Are you thinking about working at Starbucks?

Becoming a Starbucks barista can seem like a perfect fit for those who love a great cup of coffee. Yet the job may not be all whipped cream and fudge swirls.

What are the pros and cons of working at Starbucks?

Let’s take a look.

Pro: Most Employees Are Students

Believe it or not, over 70% of Starbucks employees are students. Young people who are in school are often looking for part-time or full-time jobs that allow them to socialize with others their age and make new friends they can go out with after work hours.

A job at Starbucks means you’ll be expanding your social circle while you make money. It’s a low-pressure job that allows you to focus on your studies while you work.

Pro: Tuition Coverage Through the Starbucks College Achievement Program (SCAP)

Believe it or not, Starbucks offers full and part-time employees full tuition coverage as part of its partnership with Arizona State University. There are over 70 different degree programs offered, and you aren’t required to continue working at Starbucks after you get your degree.

Enrollment counselors, success coaches, and career advisors are also available to help you on your way. If you’re looking for a great way to jumpstart your future, a job at Starbucks can get you where you want to be.

Pro: Free Coffee

Starbucks employees get free beverages up to 30 minutes before a shift, and up to 30 minutes after it ends. You’re also entitled to a food item.

If you can’t get enough of your cafe lattes and frappucinos, a career at Starbucks can help you to get your fix each day. And that’s less money you’ll need to spend out of your pocket on food and drinks!

Pro: Medical Benefits

If you work at Starbucks for at least 20 hours per week, you’re eligible for free medical coverage. This includes 100% coverage for all preventative care. This is an especially important benefit for those who are coming of age and looking to move out of their parent’s homes.

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks? The answer is around 16 in most states.

Starbucks also provides basic life insurance for all “partners” who are benefits-eligible. And that’s right: if you’re an employee, you’re a “partner” in their shared success!

Pro: Develop Career Skills

Beginning a career requires a number of important skills that you learn on the job. These include being on time, working with difficult customers, and learning to manage your time.

Working at Starbucks is a great way to develop these skills in a supportive environment. If you plan on pursuing a different type of career later on, it will be easy to transfer what you have learned.

Pro: 401K, Stocks, and Discounts

When you work at Starbucks, you’ll be provided with a 401K that the company matches. You can also buy stocks at a discounted price.

If you’re the kind of person who loves discounts, you’ll relish your time at Starbucks. Companies such as Sketchers are affiliate partners and you can save money every time you shop. It’s also possible to save money on cell phone bills and car insurance.

Con: Can Be Difficult to Get Sufficient Working Hours

Starbucks doesn’t pay overtime, so you likely won’t be working for more than 40 hours per week. They usually make sure they have enough employees to cover all shifts.

The actual wage you’ll be earning is also very basic. This is why many employees who aren’t hoping for management roles are planning a different career path while they work at Starbucks.

Con: The Menu is Complicated

Starbucks has quite an extensive menu for a coffee house. Some employees report that it takes them months to learn all of the ingredients and recipes.

In addition, the beauty of Starbucks is that customers can get their drinks customized. This is great for them, but can get a bit complicated if you’re the one standing on the other side of the counter.

If you hope to work at Starbucks, make sure you’re prepared to do some serious on-your-feet thinking throughout the workday.

Con: Needing to Be Pleasant All the Time

When you’ve got a people-facing job, you’ll need to be an upbeat mood all of the time. This includes the times when customers are rude or treat you unkindly.

It can be a bit exhausting to smile even while you’re head’s spinning. If you dream of working at Starbucks, remember that you’re going to have to maintain a pleasant attitude no matter what.

Cons: Your Shift Will Go On After Starbucks Closes

In some professions, your job ends when business hours do. However, that’s not true at a coffee shop.

Cleaning and locking up are all part of the job of the late shift crew. If you work on weekends, this can really cut into your social hours. Again, this is why many folks choose to work at Starbucks temporarily as they get the credentials they need to pursue other careers.

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Working at Starbucks

If you’re looking for a job that will provide out-of-this-world benefits and the ability to meet lots of new people, you’ll love working at Starbucks. Just make sure you’re ready to turn on the charm and fire up the frother every day you come to work.

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