Each apartment and house has its layout and corresponding dimensions. When choosing which design to make in the bathroom, the bathroom’s layout (separate or combined), the height of the ceilings, and the dimensions of the bathroom play a significant role. Consider how to choose ceramic tiles for a particular room. Small apartment: A feature of the bathrooms in such houses is combined. That is, the bathroom is connected to the toilet. In this case, the total quadrature is about 3 m2. These characteristics indicate that the interior space should be decorated in light colors, visually increasing the space and installation 24 inch bathroom vanities. These characteristics suggest that the interior room should be decorated in soft colors, visually expanding the space. The tile size is medium. You can increase the ceiling height by following this technique: the area is divided in half, and the upper and lower parts of the wall are decorated in different colors. In this case, the lower part is made darker. For example, it can be made of blue tiles, and the upper part is made of blue or white. What do gray and white ceramic tiles for the bathroom look like and the design in the photo below: PANEL HOUSE Usually, the bathroom of such houses is separate. Therefore, using tiles of different sizes or color combinations becomes possible. There is a small tip to tile the bathroom and toilet walls with the same size tiles. Otherwise, you can realize any desires.

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If you build a house from scratch, then the layout and dimensions of the bathroom are made at your request. It is possible to create an original building, spacious and roomy. With the finishing of such a bathroom, ceramic tile will be much easier. It is better to make the room bright than the design can be done by anyone. Since such bathrooms are significant, it is possible to buy tiles plain and with patterns. In the photo, you can see what the design of a bathroom with ceramic tiles looks like: Given all these tips, you can create a unique design for the room using a variety of tiles in your work.


The main problem from the aesthetic side is the balanced finish of the wall and floor coverings of the bathroom. The designers have provided two options for finishing with tiles of the same color. Make a contrasting transition by decorating the bathroom floor with dark tiles and light walls. The first option is more traditional and familiar. Everything looks harmonious and concise. It turns out the finished composition. Having made such a bath, you can not miscalculate. As for the second option, it is bold and should be approached with caution. Although, the design looks modern and stylish. In addition, it brings zest to the room. The floor tiles are chosen dark, and the walls are light. At the same time, shades should not be selected just like that. If the floor is made black, then black details are needed in the interior, for example, floor scales or one of the shelves. The same applies to walls. When decorating, there are a few more nuances: Large tiles in a small bathroom will look ridiculous. Thanks to glossy and mirror surfaces, you can visually enlarge the room. When choosing an ornament on a tile, you do not need to dwell on a too-large pattern. Composite paintings for small baths will be out of place on the entire wall. Thanks to these subtleties, you can decide on shades and design options to profitably decorate the space.


Ceramic tiles help to create a specific style inside. A few tips on how to achieve popular trends using tiles: Classic. He will always be in fashion. This includes three directions such as French classicism, English, and Venetian. To create it, you need a tile with a glossy surface. The color scheme is white, blue, and cream colors in this case. You can complement the bath with golden and bronze hues in the finish. Mediterranean style. With it, the tub will look luxurious and stylish. This is achieved by purchasing sand, sky, terracotta, or emerald-colored tiles. And to complement the interior, you can use mosaics or panels. Hi-tech style. Its advantage is maximum convenience. The walls and floor are treated with white and silver tiles. And a tile with decorative inserts can complement the composition. Modern. It is created through a panel, decorating mirrors with a small mosaic. Pastel colors are chosen, and saturated shades dilute the atmosphere. These are not all the styles used by bathroom designers. Oriental, Egyptian, country, retro, or baroque can also be noted. True, for their creation, it is better to use the services of a professional. Note! Almost 70% of baths are made of white or light-colored tiles. It is beautiful and can enlarge the space. The only drawback of white ceramic tiles is impracticality. It shows all the dirt, stains, and stains.


Ceramic tiles are the perfect solution for decorating a bathroom in your home. It is practical, durable, reliable, and has excellent moisture resistance. Thanks to the enormous range of bathroom tiles, you can create a unique and original design for the room for little money. According to the owners’ reviews, the tile successfully fulfills its task. It remains only to choose it and use it for your bathroom.

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