Tips for starting a Pandora bracelet

How to Choose a Pandora bracelet

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bracelet is whether it will complement your personal style. Keep in mind that style should be about having fun, not about following a fashion rule book. If your style is more conservative than funky, a smaller-sized bracelet might be a better choice. You should also consider the look you want when choosing colors or materials. For instance, an all-white bracelet might be too delicate for summer, but a silver bracelet with an intricate silver medallion would look terrific on a cold winter’s night. Take time to decide It might be hard to come up with a design idea, but don’t be afraid to just make a first draft. Try pencil or pen first before you get started with a colored pencil.

Starting a bracelet

The process is simple. Most charms are sold individually at dorashop. You select charms and look at the bracelet’s sizing options, the color combinations, and the amount of beads you want, and then choose how to complete your bracelet. Once your charms are on the bracelet, add the links. The links, typically made of gold and silver, are stamped with a series of very small holes, so you can easily insert the links into the individual holes to be snapped onto the bracelet, or to keep the links together for a temporary bracelet. Once the links are in, you can decide how you want to add your charms. A great option: Connected crystals. The pure, clear quartz looks like sparkly stars when the light catches it. We put a couple in each of our wedding bracelets and they look gorgeous.

Starting your next bracelet

The next time you go to the pandora sale jewelry store, get a few special for yourself or a loved one. If you’re on a budget, maybe you’ll pick up an inexpensive charm bracelet and add a special engraving to make it extra special. Or you can use these tips to make your own special piece. Find a few special charms, stones or beads and put them in an envelope. Take a photo of the bracelet on your wrist. Go to an engraving parlor and have them put a special design on the bracelet that tells the story of your relationship, special travels, or even the words you love most. Say a prayer and say a special phrase over the bracelet that you can say to the person who will wear it.

Gift Ideas

Gift card, like the Amazon card pictured, which is a perfect option to make the perfect Pandora bracelet for the recipient. Just imagine this bracelet coming in handy for graduation or birthday. Also consider purchasing this bracelet from dorashop online for a gift and setting up a delivery window.

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