Tips To Increase Your Personal Injury Settlement

Most states allow people who are injured in accidents by another party’s negligent action to seek compensation from the responsible person or company through a personal injury claim. The settlement offers total and fair compensation to provide emotional and financial relief to accident victims, helping them afford quality medical care and regain losses that occurred due to the accident. Before taking any step, you should consider consulting a Personal injury attorney in Atlanta who will guide you through the process of claiming personal injury. 

Tips to increase your personal injury settlement

  • File the personal injury claim as soon as possible

In Atlanta, you may have a limited time to file a personal injury claim. Under the law of statute of limitations, you only have one year from the date of injury to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. If you file after one year, your case may permanently get dismissed by the court.

When you are filing for a personal injury claim with the insurance company, they may have a policy or terms under which you have to provide the insurer with notice of your claim.

Thorough preparation and investigation of personal injury cases take time. You will have to start the process as soon as possible to have a maximum amount of time so that you and your attorney can develop a persuasive claim that will provide you the best chance of securing financial recovery. Meanwhile, if you have income protection cover, make sure you use that to receive compensation for not being able to work from your insurance company.

  • Collecting and preserving every evidence

An essential step to increasing your personal injury settlement value is to preserve and collect every piece of evidence of the accident. If possible, taking photographs or videos of the incident immediately after the accident may also help.

Speak to witnesses of the accident and take short statements from them and ask for their contact information so that you can reach them when the lawsuit begins.

Finally, remember to keep copies of all invoices, bills, and receipts of the property repair costs and medical expenses. Your personal injury lawyer will help you identify what evidence you may require to prove your claim and secure the evidence.

  • Seek medical treatment

North Queensland physiotherapy centre note that it is vital that you seek medical help immediately after an accident. Medical treatment may identify if you suffer from any damages after the accident. It will not only diagnose your injury but also give an idea of the extent of the injury in your personal injury claim.

Suppose you wait to seek medical care after an accident. In that case, you may increase the risk of the other party claiming that your injuries were not caused by accident and are not severe as you claim, or maybe you allowed the condition to worsen by delaying medical care. 

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