Motion Graphics define the movement or animation of the graphic design. The purpose of using motion graphics is to add depth to the story of a video. When it comes to choosing the right motion graphics company many questions arrive that how will you choose a company? Is the desired company experience or not? Are they having experts or not? Feedback about them from the clients they worked with and many more. Here are some of the top motion graphic companies that you can look for:

1. BuzzFlick

If you are looking for one of the top motion graphic companies then BuzzFlick might be one of your choices. Here you will find a creative team who are ready to answer all your queries.

Moreover, you can easily explain your idea to the company, and they gather all your requirements, do proper study on it and then come up with the best solution that might help in your marketing campaign for promoting your business.

2. Giant Ant

Giant Ant is defined as a storytelling animation studio. They are working with a limited number of clients. The focus of the company is mainly on the production of storytelling that meets the marketing trends and creates such kind of motion graphic videos that talk to their viewers. If you are a motion graphic animator, then Giant Ants can be one of your favorites.

They work on each project in such a way that helps them outstand unique in the market.

3. Odd Fellows

Well, the customers of Odd Fellows studio that is Google and Apple themselves defines the performance of the company. This makes it clear that how professional and dedicated they are when it comes to delivering the motion graphic video.

The studio provides non-standard solutions, consisting of global goals, working on global plans i.e., how much budget you need and how much creativity is needed in your project.

4. Explainly

Looking for some creative solutions? Then Explainly can be one of your choices. Explainly is not only a motion graphic studio but it also helps in getting you the engagement of the desired audience you are looking for. Talking about their clients so, they worked with some of the big companies like Hubspot, Stanford, AdCouncil, American Marketing Association, and many more.

What makes them among their competitor is the way of communication they are doing. They gather the requirement properly and understand the issues that a company is facing. Afterward, the company works on those requirements in such a way that a complex process is made super easy.

5. Hornet

Take a short tour through the Hornet studio website and you will get the idea of why they are in the top motion graphic companies list. They are not just limited to providing motion graphics services but also working in the areas like 2d, 3d animation with live video production. They are based in New York so, if you are thinking to meet them personally you can visit their office.

6. Cub Studio

Cub Studio can’t be just said as a video production studio, but it is also a startup that is working in several fields in one single space. Depending on the orders from the customers they are developing personal projects as well that help in validating new approaches from design to video creation.

7. We Are Fevr

Looking for a minimalist design with simple services description then We Are Fevr can be considered as the best motion graphic company. Consisting of a strong and creative team the company is relatively young yet made the space in the leading motion graphic studios.

If you want to visit them in person then you can visit the New York and Los Angeles studios. They are not bound to motion graphic services but offer many more as well.

8. ThinkMojo

Isn’t it being impressive that you get in touch with a company that is offering services to the big brands like LinkedIn, Slack, Google, Twitter, and MongoDB? Then get in touch with Thinkmojo who are ready to help their client at any stage whenever they want. Either it is about building interaction with the clients or it is about creating attraction, attention, and them moving towards becoming brand advocates.

9. Devicers

Sometimes images and videos deliver a better message than the text and that is what the Spanish motion design company believes. Devicer consists of a team of professionals who believes that their work talks more than anything else.

If you want to make a judgment you can visit their website as well. Moving towards the Devicers is not only providing motion graphics services but also offers art direction, cell animation, pixel art, and music production services.

10. Blu Blu Studios

Located in London Blu Blu Studios was founded back in 2014 and they are dedicated to what they committed. Blu Blu studios focus on its goals and never compromise on the promises they are making with their customers. The team shows great involvement in understanding the client’s business-like understanding their vision and unique style and the key feature to grab the attention of the audience.


Categorically, this is a never-ending list of the top motion graphic companies which might not be mentioned in the above list. The companies mentioned here are providing their best and are committed to their work. It is up to your requirements that whom you select and on what reasons you choose them.

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