Trade nation – yah, or Nah?

Generating profit in a minimum time frame with the least possible effort is every other person’s dream on earth.  And we all know that getting into forex trading is the best and fastest means of getting this dream true. 

Nevertheless, getting yourself the forex brokers is a highly crucial indecent number of regards. Nonetheless, you don’t only want a forex brokerage house. Instead, you want the BEST forex brokerage house to rest assure the profit maximization in the long run. And the choice becomes even more complicated if you live in any European country such as South Africa, where the forex trade market is fast and comparative. However, Trade Nation is a name known for its legitimacy and various claims. 

Let us jump into its complete guide to give you a better picture. Let’s start

All you need to know about Trade Nation


Trade Nation is an organization that came into existence in 2014, with the prime purpose of assisting forex trade in the best possible way. The firm has its roots expanding in various countries, including South Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  The firm was initially named Core Spreads, which was later changed to Trade Nation in 2020. 

The firm is regulated by various trustable legal authorizes such as Australian Security and Investments Commission. Furthermore, the firm offers one of the latest trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 (MT4). Nonetheless, the firm has also introduced its trading platform known as the Trade Nation Trading Platform and its official app, which is highly user-friendly and efficient.

Types of Trade Nation Accounts and its features 

Trading accounts are issued to clients to enable them to start trading through the trading platforms. Various forex trading firm offers a distinguished variety of accounts to offer. But, the case is the opposite at Trade Nation. The firm claims to treat every customer equally, thus providing a single type of Major Live Trading Account. 

  However, the firm does offer a good variety of account currency options such as ZAR, USD, GBP, SEK, EUR, AUD, NOK, and DKK.

Deposits and withdrawal


Trade Nation has not specified any sum as a minimum deposit. Thus the account holder can start with any amount they feel comfortable with. Yet, the amount must be sizable enough to place a trade and cover the margin. 

In addition, it allows the trader to deposit the sum of money in an account in multiple ways. For instance, Credit Card, Mastercard, Skrill, Visa, Wire Transfers are some prime examples. 


Withdrawals at the firms are on the slow side. Local withdrawals are made within the United Kingdom, and Australia seems to go fast. Nevertheless, South African traders have to wait a bit to get the job done.  The minimum withdrawal amount is US 50$.

Final words about Trade Nation

Trade Nation is an evolving name in the world of forex trading. The firm is very well known for its premium services and substantial goodwill in the market. So now that you are equipped with essential information go, search and conquer the forex world. 

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