Twisted Hemp Wrap

Twists Hemp provides a steady, even burn with organic hemp wraps, as well as a taste that is difficult to match! This bundle has all of the delicious Twisted Hemp wraps varieties — each of which contains 4 full-width wraps each flavor in its own unique pack! Using the supplied RAW 110mm rolling machine, roll the wraps to perfection, and then put them in your new doob tube to keep them fresh and ready for a rainy day. Cotton Mouth Candy, a delightfully sweet cure for the dry tongue that contains no sugars, will keep your mouth wanting more and ready for the next cigarette. This package is a real pleasure for any smoker who enjoys a little adventure in their life.

Various kinds of twisted hemp wraps

Twisted Hemp Endless is a trademark of Twists Hemp, Inc. Hemp Wraps with a Splash of Summer Flavor

You’ll want to lie out in a hammock, softly swaying in the summer wind, while inhaling the mango-pineapple taste of these delectable Twisted Hemp Endless Summer Wraps! These wraps are delicious and manufactured entirely of organic hemp, so you can be certain that there is no tobacco or nicotine in these wraps at all. Each pack has four full-width wraps that burn slowly and evenly, making them ideal for a leisurely summer day. California Dream flavor utilizing in our Twisted Hemp Wraps review, which you can read here.

Twists also have a few additional flavors available in their product line-up. (Tropical Breeze, Grape Burst, Endless Summer, Sweet, and the Plain Jane are some of the flavors available.)

Twisted Hemp Wraps with a Sweet Flavor Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp is a kind of hemp that has been twisted. The ideal option for anybody who enjoys sweets while also wanting an organic and pure hemp wrap to accompany their smoking session. Because of their sweet taste, Twisted Hemp Sweet Wraps are guaranteed to make you salivate, and they are the ideal complement to the flavor of your favorite legal smoking herb. These wraps contain no tobacco or nicotine and come in a pack of four wraps to save you money. The sweet flavoring is guaranteed to delight, so sit back, relax, and soak in every second of the experience. Wraps with a hint of California Dream flavor

Twisted Hemp California Dream Flavored Hemp Wraps

It’s certain that these delicious wraps will have you daydreaming about lying on the beach on a hot summer day, enjoying the sun with your favorite legal smoking material in hand! Twisted Hemp California Dream Wraps are wonderful pure hemp wraps that contain no tobacco or nicotine, and they burn smoothly and evenly, allowing you to savor the taste for longer periods of time. With each package, you’ll get four pure hemp wraps, each of which is bursting with flavor and guaranteed to make you love every minute of your smoking experience.


In the case of the Twisted Hemp Wraps, the packaging is standard. Twisted wraps are packaged in a resealable bag, much like the majority of hemp wraps. The visuals are pretty easy to understand. The package has the slogan “4 Hemp Wraps for 99 cents.” It seems to be difficult to come across these wraps at the $0.99 pricing point.

The flavor

We were under the impression that the wrap tasted like a strawberry shortcake. Not too strong a word. When we were smoking the wrap, we noticed that it mixed nicely with our strain of choice.

The aroma

Strawberries and cream fill the Twisted California Dream wrap, which has a strawberry shortcake scent. It has a strong sweet fragrance with a touch of tobacco to it, which is pleasant (though it does not contain tobacco). We are baffled as to why they would have a tobacco scent to them. Perhaps they are manufactured in the same facility where tobacco is processed.

The freshness of Twisted Hemp Wraps:

When the package is the package, there are no indications of cracking or rips in the plastic wrap. The wrap has a little sheen to it due to the dampness. There is enough pliability in the wrap to allow it to be folded and bent without cracking or breaking. Take note that the freshness does not persist for long once it is opened. The wrap has a tendency to dry out very fast. We really saw that the wraps were drying out as we were examining them in great detail over a period of 2-3 minutes!. Twisted packets were opened to check on their freshness. We discovered that it is quite hit and miss. Just like any other kind of wrapped meat or vegetable. We strongly recommend that you use a humidity control device.

Quality of the burn:

Generally speaking, these hemp wraps burn very nicely. They do have a little inconsistency in the center. But this may be due to the fact that the wrap dries out more quickly.

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