Types of Concrete Mixers in Kenya Popularly used in Kenya

Concrete is a compound of coarse and fine aggregate merged together via watery cement. The cement coarsens over time. It is the most widely used construction in the modern world, due to its versatility and durability. This article will discuss different types of concrete mixers in Kenya and how they are used.

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The increased population has led to a great focus on construction and building activities. These have led to the innovation of different types of concrete mixers in the world to help in working  effectively. This demand has given the buyer various options depending on the project he or she want to start, either large or small-scale.

Types of Concrete Mixer

They are broadly divided into two

  1. Batch mixer
  2. Continuous mixer

Batch Mixer

These are the commonly used concrete mixer. The mixer produces one batch at a time, they usually have a drum or pan with blades which to mix the concrete. They are further categorized into two

  1. Drum type mixer
  2. Pan type mixer

Drum Type Mixer

As the name suggests, the mixer has a drum. Depending on its type, it can have a single or many blades which are used to mix the concrete. There are three types of drum-type mixers.

  • Tilting drum mixer
  • Non-tilting drum mixer
  • Reversing drum mixer

Tilting Drum Mixer

In this type of mixer, the drum will discharge its content by tilting downwards. It is less noisy, high working efficiency. Therefore, it preferred in many road construction sites. However, it has one disadvantage, where the concrete sticks at the bottom.

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Non-Tilting Drum Mixer

This type of mixer has openings on both sides and the drum is not allowed to tilt.it is very suitable for small construction sites. This type of mixer is very hard to clean and also it is so tiresome. It is not suitable for large-scale production sites.

Reversing Drum Mixer

They are very similar to non-tilting drum mixers but rotation takes place from a different action. They provide efficient mixing and leave very little build-up within the mixer.

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Pan Type Mixer

These types of mixers have a pan in which the concrete is filled.  While using a pan mixer the speed of the tool can be adjusted, depending on the progress of the mixing process. They on time and effort and most importantly, it saves money for the owner since it reduces working hands, this led to increased demand for the pan mixer, hence lowering the Concrete Mixer prices in Kenya.

Continuous concrete mixers

In this type of concrete mixer, the loading, mixing, and discharging are continuously done until the work is complete or a break is needed. The mixture and the discharge are on different opposite ends and they are mostly preferred in large operations. It saves on time that could have been wasted while putting off the machine and starting it again. They are so efficient and despite being expensive, their demand has led to a decrease in Concrete Mixer Prices in Kenya.

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The best option of the concrete mixer to use in your construction site is the one that will work efficiently to complete your project. However, there are also other factors you need to consider like quality, productivity, durability, and affordability. Therefore it is good to know all the options available before deciding which concrete mixer you will buy

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