Types of threading machines popularly used

Threading is the process of creating threads on screws and pipes. The use of a threading machine achieves this. Threading is one of the hard tasksand requires a lot of skills. This article will look at various types of threading, types of threading machines, and the advantages of different threading machines.

What is a Threading machine?

A threading machine is a tool used to cut threads for screws and pipes. These machines are categorized into three;manual threading machines, portable electric threading machines, and electric mounted.

Manual threading machines:

are used to cut small and simple tools in the household.These manual machines are rare to find because of the improved technologies. They cannot be used in large engineering fields because they are slow and tiresome. Thus,they are efficient in hobby activities. They can be used to make wooden dowels, making it easy to make hard broom handles.

Portable electric machines

These are simple threading machines, but they use electric power to cut threads in pipes. Their light nature makes them portable. The portable electric machine also requires a lot of human energy while working, making workers too often tired during the job course. These machines are very efficient in the middle-class working site, such as plumbing and construction of small buildings.

Electric mounted threading machines

These is large stationary threading machine used to cut threads in large pipes and pieces of metal. Electric mounted machines use electricity to run their large shaft. Due to the large output, they make work easier compared to other types of threading machines. The major advantages of threading machines are;

  • The electric mounted machine has an adjustable thread depth, speed, and torque.
  • They are easy to switch into manual mode and automatic mode.
  • Electric mounted threading can only be used anywhere as long there is electricity.
  • Has higher productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Able to deliver high profit

Various types of thread cutting methods are;

Thread cutting.

Thread cutting is used when cutting to full depth when the quantity of the load is small, when there is no accuracy in the blank, when working with a tapered thread, or when the material being used is brutal.

By use of tap and dies

This is a common method of cutting threads. The normal wrench is used to cut threads ½ to 2/3 of a turn, then backward for about 1/6 until the back edge of the cutters breaks the chips. For continuoustaping, spiral point taps are used.

Single point threading

This operation uses a single-point tool that produces a thread on a cone or a cylinder. This tool is moved linearly with the prices rotation of the workpiece, which determines the thread lead. The process is done to create male or female threads (external or internal). The tool moves across the workpiece lineally and takes the chips off.

In conclusion, each machine is good at various methods of thread cutting. There are various factors to consider, such as the workplace, amount of load, and the type of threading method

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