Understanding Slope Rhinoplasty

The question of the patient who is going to have surgery usually asks for the nose to chase the slope to the end. I want it to be curved, not straight.

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Writer: How do you curve it?

Patient: (Looks at the writer’s face and thinks er….how to tell) I would like to have a curve, not straight (repeat the same word)

The author would like to explain that the slope must be chased from the highest point of the nose bridge (Nasion) until reaching the highest point of the tip of the nose (Tip of Nose). The midpoint of the middle part of the nose (Dorsum) will be The lowest point of the slope and must be lower than the two points mentioned above by approximately 2 mm (maybe more than this, but the need for more slope, less slope)

   However, whether the nose slope is more or less depends on The length of the middle of the nose If the nose is long, it can make a beautiful slope, especially longer than 4.5 cm (but if the nose is short, the authors say don’t do it, it will look more sheer), and if it’s a Korean-style nose, the lowest point. The slope of the nose is not the center of the center of the nose, but rather indented towards the bridge of the nose.

   Patient : Can I have the tip of my nose for water droplets? Writer : (Lollipop, I already assumed that I have to ask for the tip of the water dropper) But the wing of the human nose Fever is quite blooming. Having a dropper tip is unlikely to be ideal. The writer probably Better raise the tip of the nose. This will help reduce the width of the nose wings as well, although it won’t help much (about 1-2 millimeters on each side), but it should be beautiful. Than there is a drop of water in the wing of the nose that is definitely blooming

Patient: And it doesn’t even see the nostrils. Turned into a pig’s nose? Writer: No, if you can! (The writer smiles)

   Let’s hear more explanation.

   Nose tip water droplets are to make the angle between the nose and mouth become acute (Nasolabial angle or NL) but actually The angle formed between the nose and mouth should not be acute. but the corner of the house is almost perpendicular In women, the average is about 105 degrees, for men, about 100 degrees, and surgery using silicone to lift the alar nose must take into account the vector (Vector) in raising the alarm as well.

Patient : Well, the writer lifts a lot because the wings of the nose are very wide. Let’s take a western nose.

Writer: The writer says that in the event that it blooms a lot The writer does not recommend lifting the wings with silicone because if you want to lift the tip to make the wings of the nose narrow in the event that it is very open, the writer will need to wear a relatively large silicone. And when wearing a large silicone, it will make the tip of the nose look very big. It will make it look unattractive. It can also cause it to be easily penetrated. But if you put a small silicone it will not lift the end. It is like taking a small person to lift something heavy, however, it cannot be lifted.

Patient : Think in your mind (listen a lot, confuse) then make it beautiful. to the page as The writer thought so.

Writer: Yes, the writer will try to make it as beautiful as possible. As far as we can be beautiful….. Additional explanations on the wings of the nose and nose

   These two things even come together. but at the time of surgery Writers often recommend separate surgery. But when augmenting the nose, raising the tip often makes the nose look less puffy. Including when the nose rises from a rarity, it will make the prominent part of the wing of the nose that is blooming. The less blooming.

   Although beauty cannot be measured in numbers and many times good surgeon Let’s just say it’s a matter of art, and the numbers and degrees mentioned are averages surveyed in the population of Europe. The writer himself studied by learning about Cephalometric which is a facial structure. That is, the forehead, nose bridge, upper jaw, jaw, lower jaw and chin must be at the right angles. Which has not yet been studied In Asian people, what is the average beauty?

   Therefore, do not limit yourself to the criteria that it must be like this. Read these as a rough guide. It’s better to talk to the doctor before we make an appointment for surgery.

I want to leave you with the idea that “Nose, although it is on our face, we

   I didn’t have a chance to judge that it was beautiful. But instead let other people judge whether it’s beautiful or not beautiful. Other people don’t come with heavy nose (silicone) with us, so both people who have rhinoplasty. people who have not had surgery or the person who is

If you are thinking of having surgery, please go back and examine your face again, look carefully and listen to this word, beauty does not depend on the proportions of the organs. Perfect or must be perfect But beauty depends on whether the organs are beautiful and blend in with the rest of the face as well!

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