Vaping versus Smoking

The difference between vaping & smoking is that when you smoke you inhale nicotine through the tobacco present in the analog cigarette which is harmful for your health and it can cause smoking related health issues. Vaping on the other contains vape juice that releases vapor by the way of heating; it contains less harmful contents and is therefore better for your health.

In a report published by the Public Health Department of England in February 2021 it clearly mentions that vaping is safer than smoking. [Source] This is further more evidence that time has come to shun smoking analog cigarettes if you have not already.

Vaping is not smoking but a lot of people would like to believe that vaping is the way forward because it helps them shun smoking altogether. Vaping helps people quit smoking because it offers an experience that is similar to smoking, you still have a device that you can hold in your hands and has the hand to mouth experience.

What You Should Know about Vaping vs Smoking

Well most of us already know about smoking, it is related with smoking traditional tobacco based cigarettes as we’ve know it for many decades now. People have been smoking analog cigarettes for decades simple because there has never been an alternative to smoking before vaping devices were introduced in the market.

Earlier you had the hookah or cigars or cigarettes and that was about it. Cuban cigars became so famous primarily because of the high quality tobacco leaves that were rolled over and over to make a great cigar. Cigarette selling companies became popular because they were allowed to advertise their product in a way that made it look like cigarette smoking made you look cool.

Today the market for vaping is growing simply because you now have a product that is better quality, gives you the same feel and mostly importantly is less harmful for your health as compared to your regular analog cigarettes.

There are many vape stores opening up and they all sell a variety of products. For people who are planning to take up vaping soon then visiting a local vape Australia store is a good idea. At the local super vape store you will find good quality products and not cheap Chinese imitations.

Vapes in Australia are easily available online as well as at brick and mortar stores. Most online vape stores will offer good deals and if you are already sure of what product you want to purchase then you can save with online deals. You can also visit coupon sites to get coupon codes which you can apply on check out while placing an online order.

The same goes for Vapes in New Zealand; there are vapo stores like Shosha that have presence in New Zealand since the last 10 years and are committed to making available the best  quality vaping devices and accessories to its customers.

So if you are still thinking about vaping versus smoking you now have a good idea that vaping is better than smoking.

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