Ways a Lawyer Can Help When Charged with DUI

DUI is not only a traffic violation but also a criminal offense in the US. Being arrested for DUI can be strenuous, and you risk incarceration, paying fines, probation, and license suspension. Luckily, a DUI lawyer can help you beat the case and attain the best possible results. Learn four benefits of hiring a lawyer when charged with DUI.

Knowledge of the Process

Persons charged with DUI face many challenges when defending themselves against the charges due to the bias associated with the offense. Luckily, a DUI lawyer is experienced at dealing with such cases. They present your defense in a way that gives you an advantage over the prosecution. Additionally, good lawyers are familiar with court rules and can dispute the prosecution’s evidence in your favor.

A DUI lawyer will handle all the paperwork and evidence for your case to give you the upper hand in court. He knows the paperwork to submit and when to do it in readiness to face the jury. Failing to adhere to timelines may result in your case taking longer than needed.

Presenting a Good Defense

Legally, you are innocent until the jury proves you are guilty. Lawyers are excellent at upholding this concept and presenting a cohesive case to prove your innocence. They develop a good defense for your case and offer all the evidence needed.

A good defense argues that mistakes occurred during the arrest or testing process. For instance, the case may be dismissed if the lawyer proves that the officer did not comply with the correct procedure for arresting you. Similarly, a lawyer can expose flaws in chemical tests, preventing them from being used as evidence in court. For example, a delayed breath test may reveal higher BAC rates than the actual one when driving.    

Spending Less Time in Court

Representing yourself means that you must appear in all your court hearings and may miss work or other obligations. Luckily, having a lawyer representing you in court means you spend less time in court and can engage in other important activities. Also, you don’t have to take a stand that can affect your case adversely.   

Professional Negotiation

The biggest asset of working with a lawyer like Brad Kern for your DUI case is having an expert negotiate on your behalf. An attorney can negotiate lenient penalties by highlighting the faults of the case. As such, the case becomes weaker, increasing the probability of a good outcome.

A good lawyer can beat a DUI case leading to dismissal. If that is impossible, you get a lesser punishment, like attending counseling, a suspended license, a reasonable fine, or engaging in community service. An attorney can also argue for a lesser sentence than the maximum stipulated by the law. This is a win for someone guilty of DUI.

A lawyer is an invaluable asset when charged with DUI and increases the chances of winning the case. He helps you navigate complicated court processes, file necessary documents, create a solid defense strategy, and negotiate on your behalf. The result may be the dismissal of charges, a lesser penalty, or a lighter sentence.    

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