Ways to Groom a Dog At Home

Well-grooming will make the dog feel and look great. The grooming sessions help you examine the dog’s ears, eyes, teeth, and nails for health issues. The dog grooming sessions vary depending on the breed, size, and coat type of the dog. For a healthy dog, good hygiene is necessary. Most dogs do not need daily grooming and hygiene habits. Professional dog walkers are trained to walk and groom the dogs in the perfect manner. It is also helpful for dog owners to learn to groom their dogs during visits to professional groomers. Here are some ways to groom a dog at home:

  • Dog’s Bathing

Depending on the dog’s coat and breed, the dog should take a bath regularly. Frequent washing makes the coat dry and removes natural oils. For a dog, you should use mild shampoo. Stand him in a basin or a tub, and to prevent the water from getting into the dog’s ears, put cotton balls in his ears and a few drops of mineral oil in the eyes of the dog. Make sure to wet him with warm water and apply shampoo from the back of the neck. After scrubbing, rinse him with warm water. Thoroughly rub with a towel, and if necessary, then blow-dry. Comb your dog as needed.

  • Dog’s Brushing

Various brushing sessions per week help keep the dog clean. Daily brushing is great if you can do so. Brush all the way down to the dog’s skin; the massage process stimulates blood circulation and help removes and loosen dandruff flakes. The type of equipment to use depends on the length and texture of your dog’s coat. Dogs with long hair need a pin brush having long, chrome-plated pins or rounded end stainless steel. Small, medium, and certain long-coated breeds require a bristle brush. To remove dead hair and mats, there are slicker brushes. To remove dead hair and polish smooth coat, rubber curry combs are used. Rakes, knives, clippers, hairdryers, and other grooming tools are used for grooming dogs.

  • Dog’s Eye Cleaning

Wipe the discharge around the eyes with a moist cotton ball. You should prevent using anything which can harm the eyes of your dog.

  • Dog’s Ear Cleaning

Clean the ears of your dog at least once a month if he is suspected of having ear problems. Just clean the ear’s outer part with a cotton swab soaked in mineral oil or a damp cloth.

  • Dog’s Nail Trimming

Dog’s nails also contribute to the healthy life of the dog. Long nails make walking painful or difficult. They can hit somewhere and break easily. Nails should be trimmed if you hear the nails clicking on the floor.

  • Dog’s Tooth Brushing

Brush the teeth of your dog using a toothbrush and toothpaste specific for dogs. If the dog doesn’t allow you to brush his teeth, just leave the brush, put toothpaste on your finger, and start rubbing his gums and teeth. Once he gets used to it, it will be easier to brush his tooth.


You can groom a dog at home in various ways, such as bathing your dog, brushing your dog’s skin, cleaning your dog’s eyes and ears, brushing his teeth, and trimming your dog’s nails.

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