What Are Freestanding Baths and How to Decide on One?

Interior design is a 5 billion AUD industry in Australia today. Of all the bathroom interiors and design trends popular in Australia today, freestanding bathtubs have the greatest appeal. Gone are the days when luxurious bathtubs were only for acre-sized bathrooms and the ones with a fortune. These freestanding baths bring glamour and create a soothing ambience to the bathroom.

What Makes Freestanding Baths Unique?

Freestanding bathtubs are stand-alone baths that do not require a supporting wall structure. They make great sanctuary centrepieces in bathrooms due to their designs, and they usually sit directly on the floor. They come in multiple sizes and styles that bring out ambience in the bathroom and take the appropriate amount of space. Narrow and shallow designs are available generally, and deep and spacious designs are available for those who like to enjoy long, relaxing baths. They are contemporary and sleek. As they are not attached to a wall, the owners will have the freedom to dictate how they impact the bathroom design.

Before taking a plunge at investing in a free bathtub, one must consider these important factors to ensure that they match the home, the style of the bathroom and the budget.

Size of the BathTub

Firstly, free bathtubs are usually placed at the entrance of the bathroom. Therefore, homeowners must ensure that if they install a free bath, there is enough space around it for people to move around. Therefore, larger bathtubs are better suited for larger bathrooms. The size of the bathtub and the area around it also determines its maintenance as it accumulates patches, limescale and dirt over time which users must clean occasionally. Another crucial factor to consider is if the water heating and dispensing system can generate enough water to fill the sizable free bath in a reasonable time.

The Layout of the Bathroom

As important as space and visual aesthetics are, one must also consider functionality. They must consider the placement of the plumbing system and draining in the bathroom while deciding on the size of the free bath and the place to install it. It should also have enough space to slide in and out of the bath without any hassle.

Style of the House and the Bathtub

Another aspect to consider is the style that the users want to create. Do they prefer a contemporary, chic look, or do they prefer timeless classics? Does the style suit the design of the bathroom? Thankfully, luxury product vendors provide a wide range of selections to suit every bathroom needs. A traditional bathroom will look perfect with a model featuring clawed feet as a centrepiece. A minimalist model emits a striking presence in a contemporary bathroom.

Material Of the Tub

Acrylic is one of the most widespread choices for free bathtubs for its lightweight, durability, warmth and smoothness. Manufacturers use it to produce both budget and premium models. Luxury bathtubs have reinforced construction, stylish curves, designs and double-layer installation for additional look and safety. A show-stopping premium feature in bathtubs is stone and cast-iron designs that buyers can shop for or customise. One must also consider the weight of the baths while purchasing different sizes, materials and designs.

Tap Installation

Unlike traditional ones with wall mounts, the freestanding bathtubs don’t usually cater to taps. It means that they may have to choose freestanding or wall-mounted tap designs to accommodate them around the bathtub as it significantly impacts the tone. This addition might cost extra plumbing charges and space in the bathroom.

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