What Do Media Transcriptionists Do?

Are you looking to jumpstart a career in the lucrative transcription industry? A manifold of options is available for you. You can transcribe medical dictations, media files, legal recordings, phone calls, and so on. This article is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of a media transcriber and what to expect.

Who Is a Media Transcriber?

A media transcriptionist is an expert in transforming speech from films, podcasts, news, radio broadcasts, or television shows into text. Their expertise allows the accurate and precise conversion of video and audio recordings into well-organized text formats. They can convert audio or video into a wide array of formats, such as Word documents, PDFs, and text files.

For optimal accuracy and efficiency, the media transcriber must possess unmatched listening skills and ultra-fast typing speed. The transcriptionist should deliver a text document that closely reflects the contents of the original file.

The top responsibilities of a media transcription include:

  • Listen to the recordings and convert the audio to text
  • Ensure the transcript is accurate
  • Understand the client’s formatting requirements
  • Understand the latest software and any upgrade in the industry
  • Complete a transcription on time and review any inconsistencies and spelling mistakes

What Are the Primary Roles of Media Transcriptionists?

Converting recordings into text formats is something companies do on a daily basis. Text documents are easier to re-read, analyze, and quote and are helpful in publishing. Availing a recorded video or audio in text form also helps businesses connect with people who have hearing problems.

A media transcriber helps companies expand their reach. If you’re interested in this career, here are a few duties you might find on your roster:

· Podcast Transcription

A podcast consists of spoken words and audio mixes that target a specific theme or topic. An accurate transcript is crucial to increase the popularity of a podcast. A media transcriber converts the episodes into accessible and searchable documents.

Uploading good podcast transcripts along with audio files improves SEO, drives traffic, and reaches a wider audience. When an episode has an accompanying text equivalent, search engines can help a podcast website rank higher. The transcript will contain valuable keywords any business requires to display the content at the top of the SERP.

· Television Transcription

A media transcriptionist can convert movies, shows, or TV broadcasts into text format. They keenly listen to recordings and accurately transform the content into a text file. Accurate quotations, subtitles, and captions are essential to make a TV show easier to understand, and they’re all possible thanks to transcription.

Providing accurate captions and subtitles help make the content accessible to a larger audience. Capturing precise phrases is also possible, especially in scenarios when the pronunciation of words differs. Closed captioning also allows the viewer to understand unclear and overlapping speech better. The transcriber includes timestamps and time-coding to make the inclusion of captions seamless.

· Documentary Transcription

At times, a media transcription converts documentaries into text documents. The incorporation of precise transcripts helps documentary makers in public relations or advertising campaigns.

Documentary transcription helps maximize social leverage and make the recordings easy to access. Ultimately, the process is helpful for fact-checking.

A transcriber helps to make the documentary accessible and comprehensible for the hard of hearing. Watching documentaries might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some prefer reading a text version of the film instead. Ultimately, a transcript is easier to highlight and annotate.


Films, podcasts, talk shows, and documentaries communicate valuable and educative information to their target audience. They are a chance for content creators to address issues affecting the world today. Transcription maximizes the benefits of these various forms of media. With a competent human transcriber, it is possible to achieve unparalleled accuracy. Do you have the skills for the trade?

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