What else can a Windows iTop VPN Do for You?

In the past, setting up a VPN gratis PC connection on Windows needed a certain degree of computer knowledge. However, Microsoft has simplified the process and made it more user-friendly.

With iTop VPN, you can connect to more than 1800 servers from around the world. Select the one that meets your needs and enjoy a reliable connection with unlimited data.

iTop VPN for Windows

Besides encrypting your data, an iTop VPN enables you to access websites that are blocked in your country. This way, you can watch streaming content that isn’t available in your area.

However, you need to use a reliable server that can bypass geo-restrictions. Luckily, iTop VPN has servers in many popular locations around the world.

They also offer a variety of servers that are perfect for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. You can select the type of server that best suits your needs and connect to it instantly.

iTop VPN is also equipped with a browser cleaner that erases your browsing history, which boosts your privacy. The software also blocks ads and keeps your data safe from hackers. It has a kill switch and DNS protection features that keep your real IP address out of reach.

iTop VPN for Mac

Besides the obvious security benefits, there are a number of other things you can do with an iTop VPN. Among them, you can unblock geo-restricted content.

In addition, it’s also possible to encrypt your data and hide your IP address from hackers and other nefarious entities. iTop VPN features over 1800 servers across 100 locations in more than 18 countries, and offers TCP, UDP, and HTTPS connection protocols to ensure you get the best service for your needs.

One of the most advanced features iTop VPN offers is server rotation. This allows it to change your VPN server at regular intervals to make sure your online activities stay private.

It also has a few extra options available for paid subscribers, including Browser Privacy and Security Reinforce. These functions clean up your browser history and change the settings to improve your anonymity.

iTop VPN for Android

Aside from unblocking geo-restricted media, iTop VPN can help to keep you safe online by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address. It also protects your privacy and security, blocks malware, and detects bugs in your device.

One of the best features about iTop VPN is that it offers a variety of servers for users around the world. These specialized locations are ideal for unblocking popular platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, and Telegram.

Another handy feature is the ability to change the server location as needed. This makes it easier to find the right VPN for your needs.

iTop also offers a range of other extra settings for added protection, including DNS protection and split tunneling. The latter allows you to set which apps should have exclusive access to the VPN connection.

iTop VPN for iOS

iTop VPN for iOS is a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable and secure connection. It has more than 1,800 servers in a variety of popular locations, and its speed is impressive.

It also has a kill switch and DNS protection to ensure that your data is safe when a VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Additionally, it has a few extra features that are available only to premium users.


iTop VPN’s mobile apps are well-designed and easy to use. They don’t have a lot of extra features, but they do provide a decent amount of protection.

iTop VPN has a good range of dedicated streaming, P2P, and gaming servers. They are spread out all over the world and offer a range of features including kill switch, split tunneling, and DNS protection.

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