What Google Can Teach You About Real-Time Sports Broadcasting

Google is looking to broadcast live sports events via YouTube, and has already signed up seven advertisers, including Coca-Cola and Hewlett-Packard. The company also has two advertisers in Britain and one in the United States. However, live sports on the internet have been plagued by slow broadband speeds and the reluctance of sports leagues to cannibalize their own profits. Currently, ESPN shows most of its events online.

Amagi LIVE

If you are considering live streaming a sporting event, you need a provider that can meet your specific needs. Quality of the stream and the time it takes to load will both affect the profitability of the broadcast and the overall user experience. Amagi’s live orchestration platform can handle everything from stream encoding and delivery to caption, subtitle, and graphics insertion, as well as ad monetization. Its live streaming solution is ideal for sports, news, and other high-quality live content.

Besides the quality of the live stream, it is also important to ensure a stable connection. If the network goes down, it will impact the viewer experience, and that will negatively impact your monetization potential. Amagi LIVE’s live streaming solution uses redundancy to minimize downtime, with two parallel streams for input and output. When one network fails, the other one will take over. The solution also employs managed services to manage downtime and to ensure that the stream is always available.

Ads can be inserted into live streams on fixed or flexible ad breaks. With fixed ad breaks, advertisers can place ad triggers at a predictable time. Flexible ad breaks, on the other hand, are inserted when needed. The flexible ad triggers also provide flexibility in monetization because production teams can send the ad triggers in the middle of the broadcast without interrupting the audience. Moreover, flexible ad triggers help broadcasters avoid having to hire extra staff.


AISportsWatch is an AI 실시간스포츠중계 platform that uses the cloud to run its tools. It uses Compute Engine virtual machines to scale up or down as needed and Cloud Storage for secure and accessible storage. The team aims to increase the number of games and the quality of the content produced using its technology.

The company started broadcasting matches in Germany in 2017, and has since grown to cover more than 2,000 sports clubs. Its platform collects data on the playing field and allows users to share video clips on social media. The service offers live streams of football, ice hockey, and basketball matches in high-definition (1080p).

Real-time sports broadcasting has many challenges. The internet is not designed to handle this type of traffic, so the delivery of information must be incredibly reliable. For this reason, sports teams often set up one camera to cover an entire field. This camera must be located close to the action and in an ideal position on the field.

Amagi’s Video Intelligence API

Amagi’s new ad-insertion product, Amagi THUNDERSTORM, delivers high-performance, low-latency video ad insertion. It improves on previous versions with new features such as non-linear ad insertion, contextual targeting and higher render rates. Additionally, this new version provides more intuitive navigation and features such as show and break management and missing-identification.

At NAB 2022, Tellyo will show Stream Studio, a cloud-based production platform that offers frame-perfect switching of multi-camera productions. The solution supports SMPTE 12M SEI in-band timecode metadata and ‘wallclock’ NTP/PTP timestamps. In addition, Tellyo will showcase its new Tellyo Pro video clipping/editing/publishing platform. It will also show off Tellyo Guest, a new feature that integrates up to 16 remote contributors into a live production.

Amagi’s Video Intelligence API is available to all broadcasters, regardless of their location. In addition to sports broadcasting, the company has partnered with LiveU and SES to offer end-to-end video contribution and distribution solutions. The joint offering includes a video-transfer solution for live sports broadcasters using LiveU’s 4G/5G mobile field units and the SES global network.

Amagi’s monetization options

Amagi is a media technology company that provides end-to-end cloud-managed video infrastructure. Their services include live orchestration of sports, news, and other content, monetization options, and cost-effective disaster recovery. They also offer flexible ad sourcing options.


Amagi offers flexible and fixed ad breaks to match the needs of its users. With flexible ad breaks, users can insert ad triggers during known commercial breaks and send them whenever it is necessary, ensuring that monetization does not interfere with the live content. Amagi’s flexible ad triggers also eliminate the need for additional staff to insert ads.The Amagi ANALYTICS platform provides detailed data on consumer viewing habits. This data empowers content providers and platforms to build profitable programming.

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