What is a Blanket Cover? 3 Advantages of a Coverlet

Duvet, duvet cover, blanket, comforter, quilt, bed cover, bed sheet, and not a blanket cover? How confusing bedding can get, right? We understand your frustration. But the best type of bedding does require effort and a heap of various layers—everything so that you get a good night’s sleep that gives you a rejuvenating morning.

To make your life easier and decode this bedding science, we are here to help you with the basics of the bed set. One of the essential items is a blanket cover or a coverlet. In simple terms, a blanket cover is used as a decorative cover over your blanket. Coverlet is a lightweight top layer of your bed that is thinner than your down or feather down comforter or duvet cover.

Now let’s look at coverlets in detail:

What is a Blanket Cover?

We always decorate our personal space. What can be more personal than your bedroom? We beautify it by adding carpets, rugs, matching curtains, heaps, and heaps of pillow shams or throw pillows. But coverlets change the entire vibe of your room.

They’re like the cherry on top, which gives the finishing touch to your made bed. They come in various sizes, patterns, and prints. With a tailored and polished look, they consist of thick layers of fabrics. Compared to your average fleece blankets, these are thinner. Depending on the season as well as your type of coverlet, you can use it as a cover or even sleep on it.

You’ll find them in a range of fabrics such as the good old cotton, polyester, as well as fancy materials such as jacquard sateen and piqué, but their textures do not limit the design opportunities. There are various types of blanket covers according to each one’s taste.

Advantages of Using a Coverlet

Hygiene of Your Bed

When you spend one-third of your life in one place, you need to make sure it is the cleanest place, even more so during holidays and vacations. Besides, we don’t only sleep on our bed; we read books, binge-watch shows, and of course eat in them too. During such a time, it is important to maintain the hygiene of our bed.

If your room has access to the fresh air and open windows, with fresh air, come dust and bacteria collected on our bed. With the help of a blanket cover, you protect the bedsheets and the blanket that comes in contact with your skin- keeping you away from diseases.

Beautify Your Room

As mentioned before, who doesn’t want a clean bed to come back to? The feeling of fresh, crisp, and warm blankets is so refreshing and feels good. It makes us want to fall to sleep, leaving our worries away immediately.

With the help of a coverlet set, you can brighten up your room immediately. Even when you don’t have time to wash the bedsheets with guests coming, you can spread the coverlet across your bed frame to create a gorgeous look.

Increase The Durability of Your Bedding

Lastly, buying bed sheets and blankets online can be an annoying as well as expensive task. At such times, you need a blanket cover that increases the durability of your bedclothes upto two times. Since the bacteria and dust particles don’t get collected over your bed sheets and blanket, they are safe.

You can wash them a day or later, saving your time and effort and increasing their durability. They’ll be fresh as ever for you to come back to bed.

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