What is a CBC blood test? Why should you get it done?

A complete blood count is a test that gives you a count of the blood cells. It gives you a proper count of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Your hygiene expert asks you to go for a CBC blood test as a part of a routine checkup. A CBC blood test serves the following purpose. 

It helps you know whether you’ve anemia or not. Anemia is a health condition that results in lower blood cell corpuscles than normal times. 

Find out if you have other health issues. Blood tests at pathology labs in Jalandhar help explain symptoms like fatigue, fever, weakness, or bruising. 

It helps you keep an eye on your health. It helps you see how medical conditions, medications, and chromotherapy affect your blood. 

How can you get a CBC blood test done?

If you plan to get a CBC blood test done alone, you don’t have any restrictions on drinking and eating. It is a bit normal like the other five days. 

It is a simple pathology test and takes a couple of minutes to complete. A sample of your blood gets taken by a lab technician or nurse. One needs to put a needle across your veins and draw in blood from the place. 

You can go back to your regular schedule once the test gets done. Pathology labs in Jalandhar send you reports for review. 

What is the value of a CBC blood test?

CBC blood test report tells a lot about your health conditions. You get to know a lot about the state of your RBC, Hb, and WBC. Read on to know the significance of CBC blood tests. 

WBC or white blood corpuscle helps you fight germs. If your WBC count is high, it indicates that you’ve got infection or inflammation. If your WBC count is low, it means that you’ve got a higher chance of infection. 

Do you have bone marrow disease? Did you get detected with viral infection? It could be the cause of a high WBC count. 

Hemoglobin is the protein present in your blood that holds oxygen. Hematocrit tells you about the fraction of blood that consists of red blood corpuscles. If you don’t have much iron in your blood, the Hct count could be less. The CBC blood test at pathology labs in Jalandhar helps you know health conditions to a considerable extent. 

What does the CBC blood test mean?

When you get your CBC blood test report, you will find two-columns. If your CBC count lies within the reference range, it means that your health quo is normal. If your count is higher, it means that your health quo is abnormal. Mild anemia could be the reason why your blood test report is off track. It is worth noting that each lab has its way of studying reports.

Do you want to get a CBC blood test done? For CBC test cost in Jalandhar, come to our lab today. 

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