What is a Solar Water Heater, and how does it work?

Electricity is costly when it comes to heating water for domestic use. Solar energy from the sun is trapped by solar water heaters and converted into heat energy, which boils water, thanks to technological advancements. Solar water energy is inexpensive because there are no additional costs after installation.

solar heater is a device that captures the sun’s light energy and converts it to heat energy, thus boiling the water. The system solar water heater has solar connectors and storage tanks linked together. There are two types of solar heaters: active and passive. Solar heaters have a wide range of domestic applications, which helps them to stand out.

Solar water heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

1. An active solar water heater

An active system can circulate non-freezing heat fluid from the collectors to the heating chambers and storage tanks and water from the collectors to the storage tank.

2. A passive solar water heater

The passive solar heater is a less efficient system that preheats water before being heated by a conventional water heater. The collectors, storage tanks, and heating systems are all part of it.

Suggestions for choosing a solar water heater

1. Cost

The price of solar water heater in Kenya varies. Examine the various prices to see if the device will meet the requirements. Conduct research and select a cost-effective solar water heating system to meet the needs.

2. Solar water heater dimensions

The size of the solar water heater is proportional to the number of people who will use the hot water, the rate at which the people will use the water, and the water’s intended use. Consider the number of rooms served with hot water, whether it is for a home or a business. When deciding on the size of the solar water heater to buy, these considerations are critical.

3. Purpose of a solar water heater

Understand the primary motivations for purchasing a solar water heater, whether for domestic purposes like cooking, washing, bathing, or heating the house to keep it warm when it is too cold outside. The purpose will determine whether to buy an active or passive solar water heater.

4. Installation

Please inquire about the company’s installation fees and compare them to those of other companies. Compare the different companies and choose the cheapest and most cost-effective one. Before making a purchase, understand the terms and conditions of their installation.

5. Maintenance costs

Service is carried out in a variety of ways by different companies. Inquire about the services they provide and the fees they may charge. In the event of a flaw, a legitimate company should serve all of the components. They are the system’s manufacturers, so they thoroughly understand each component.

6. Warranty

The warranty period is just as important as any other device. A reputable business should provide a free warranty period of at least one year. The company can be trusted to manufacture genuine solar water heaters based on this.

Solar water heaters have a variety of uses

1. Use in the home

Solar water heaters are installed in modern houses, such as bungalows, to reduce the cost of using electricity. The heating system provides hot water for domestic bathing, washing, and cooking.

2. For business purposes

Solar water heaters have been installed in hotels, restaurants, and hospitals because they are environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and dependable. During the day, sunlight energy is readily available, and water is heated and stored in special tanks that do not lose heart.

3. Applications in industry

To save money on electricity, industries like breweries, dairy farms, and laundry use many water solar heaters. Because solar energy is a renewable energy source, it also helps keep the environment clean.

Solar water heaters should be encouraged because they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Solar water heaters come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of applications. Only by using the best selection criteria can efficiency be achieved.

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