What is arbutin?

Arbutin is not a foaming cleanser โฟมล้างหน้า . But arbutin is used in skin lightening products in two ways: from chemical synthesis and extracted from plants. By using herbs extracted from the beer berry tree (bearberry extract) to be used as an ingredient in the product. Make the skin white without any irritation. and has better results than kojic acid Popular concentrations are 3 – 7 percent. The active form is alpha-arbutin.

Kojic acid (kojic acid) white face from fungi.

Kojic acid used in skin whitening products is chemically synthesized. or obtained by extracting kojic acid produced by fungal fermentation of glucose. Aspergillus Aspergillus in skin lightening products is usually mixed in 1-3% concentration. Some formulations use a more stable form, such as kojic dipalmitate.

Nano White (Nanowhite)

Nano White is produced by the interaction of arbutin. Glutathione and Vitamin C Contained in a liposome (liposome) designed to be absorbed into the skin well. and helps inhibit melanin production. 5 percent is recommended for the hope of clearer skin.

The whiteness of the skin from the use of whitening agents, which reduce the production of melanin pigment, will weaken the skin. and more sensitive to ultraviolet rays Therefore, use sunscreen products and avoid exposure to strong sunlight to prevent future fabrics. Here are some good tips for choosing products that you want to achieve clear skin. Let’s try to use it.

Are AHAs and BHA Good?

What are AHAs (AHAs) and BHAs (BHA) and can they make your skin white?

AHA, or alpha hydroxy acids, also known as fruit acids, are substances naturally present in food, such as lactic acid in fermented milk, malic acid in apples. citric acid in lemon Tartaric acid in grapes and glycolic acid in sugar cane, etc. Ace helps dissolve connective tissue. Which is attached between the dead cells to peel off quickly and evenly, keeping the pores from clogging up. Helps to excrete secretions of sweat glands. Reduce blemishes and dark spots and also stimulates the production of collagen as well

BCA or beta hydroxy acids Also known as salicylic acid, this acid is soluble in oil. So it can dissolve the oil in the pores and help the skin to exfoliate ten times faster than AHA. This acid can also help reduce acne inflammation. Therefore, it can be mixed in cosmetics to treat acne.

Can it make the skin white? The answer is not really. Because AHA and BSA work on the outermost layer of the skin. by causing a glue-like substance that stretches the skin cells to deteriorate As a result, the cilia peel off more easily, and various substances in other skin creams are therefore easier to absorb into the skin. For skin exfoliation, it is popular to do once a week or twice a month because normally our skin cells will shed approximately every 21 days. Therefore, frequent exfoliation may result in irritated skin, sensitive skin, which has consumers. Many of you who have a history of allergic to new cosmetics that have just bought. Most of them are people who like to use exfoliants regularly before. This must be careful. and who uses exfoliating agents regularly Sunscreen should be used regularly every day. To prevent skin that is darker than normal skin

polyhydroxy acid Another option for gentle exfoliation

Polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) are converted from AAA to larger sizes. when larger The penetration into the skin is slower. Irritation is therefore less. Suitable for those who are afraid of skin irritation or have sensitive skin. In addition, polyhydroxy acids help to hold water in the skin as well. The skin is moisturized with gentle exfoliation.

Substances in this group include Cellobionic acid, lactobionic acid, maltobionic acid, and glucolonolactone or gluconic acid. NS (gluconolactone orgluconic acid)

If you take care of your skin in good health. Should be taken care of from the inside and outside to keep the beauty for a long time. Just taking care of the outside may not be enough. However, slowing down aging takes time. and must be done regularly to be effective In addition, having good mental health can also result in slowing down aging as well. And exercise is another one that will help you to strengthen your whole body from the inside out.

Choosing the right product, you should choose the correct one for yourself. It’s not always true that other people use it well. then we will use it And it’s not always true that other people don’t work and we won’t see results. It all depends on skin health. What is your skin type? which at present there are many The clinic has a machine to check the health of the skin. to know how your skin condition is Is there any problem that needs to be fixed first? If you think going to the clinic is difficult, you may notice yourself what your skin type is in order to choose the products that are truly suitable for you.

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