What Is Subscenciling?

Subscenciling refers to the application of a solid to the face of a wooden frame in order to create an impression or picture on the wood. It is a method for identifying the extent of termite damage. A sconce is normally placed above the subsoil and it serves as a night light that illuminates the area where the termite damage is located. By using a magnifying glass underneath the frame, one can clearly see the extent of the damage.

Subscenciling is important if you have small children or animals at home because they may run into the woods and find termites hiding inside the wood. This can lead to a big problem. Termites are known to destroy houses, crops, and other property over time. They also cause damages in the form of dead trees and the piles oaf dead wood that is often found beneath the soil. Subscenciling can be a good method of preventing this type of damage to your property.

Wood is the most common material that is subsided. If the subside is exposed, termites can easily dig tunnels through it and enter the structure. A sconce can be placed above the exposed subside so as to prevent the termite from entering through the holes. It is also possible to apply pesticides to prevent the damage caused by termites by using baits and other mechanisms such as drills.

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