What Is The Best Way To Repair PDF Files?

PDFs are a necessity in the modern civilized world. Think about it – how many times in your academic life or corporate career have you used a PDF to secure your data? Yes, it is nice to have PDF capability on your computer because it becomes more convenient to send secure files over the Internet.

However, there may be times when your valuable PDFs are seemingly wrecked beyond repair. For example, your computer may suddenly encounter a power outage just as you’re saving your document in PDF form. That may mean certain parts of the original document didn’t make it into the PDF document afterward. Or perhaps your laptop has a computer virus, but you were unaware of it – until the virus harms your PDF document.

Situations like these can be very frustrating for you. Fortunately, GogoPDF.com has a solution for you through its cloud service.

Rely On the Cloud Service

You can repair PDF files if you use GogoPDF.com’s online tool. Although the cloud service cannot guarantee that your document will return to 100%, this tool can help you recover some of the data in the original PDF. In some cases, though, the PDF can be restored to 100%. It just depends on how much data was corrupted.

How You Can Avail of this Cloud Service

First of all, you will require a strong Internet signal in your location because you have to access the cloud service. (A cloud service, for those who are newbies, basically means you can reach their website through the Internet access you currently have.) You cannot do any repairs of any PDFs if you don’t have a robust Internet signal.

Second, you need a functional computer. It doesn’t really matter if you are using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone for this. Just make sure your device can access the Internet, and you can upload the damaged PDF to drag and drop it into the cloud service’s field.

Third, check if your operating system and browser can accommodate the process of repairing a PDF. The GogoPDF.com site should be reachable on your current operating system, regardless of whether it is a Macintosh, Windows, or Linux OS. The tool will also function on many popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Fourth, wait for the cloud service tool to finish repairing the PDF. This means that the tool will attempt to reconstruct the PDF to be read and used again. In some cases, the tool might not be able to recover 100% of your content, so you should not get your hopes up too much.

Fifth, the newly-repaired PDF can then be saved on your laptop or desktop. And that’s about it!

What You Should Do After Receiving the Repaired PDF

Once GogoPDF.com is done repairing your PDF, you will notice a sharing link in the cloud service. You may send that link to the recipient of your PDF, or you can get the repaired PDF and email it as an attachment to whoever needs to have it.

Count to sixty minutes then you will notice that the website has deleted your content from its system. This is built into the system so that, even if you forget to check, the system will get rid of all the data for you. That means you will be the only one with a copy of the PDF document.

Have You Thought of the Other GogoPDF.com Tools?

You can also try the other services of the cloud service of GogoPDF.com, if necessary. Yes, it can handle all those other services so that your final PDF document will look much better.

For example, if you need to convert your PDF into other formats, you can. These are the Convert PDF tools offered by GogoPDF.com:

  • PDF to PDF/A
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PPT
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to Word

If, on the other hand, you require View and Edit tools instead, you can consider these instead:

  • Number Pages
  • Share Document
  • Delete PDF Pages
  • Rotate PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • PDF Reader

For any other tools you have in mind, just visit the GogoPDF.com website.

In Conclusion

Educated professionals know that a PDF document is usually secure and presentable. That is until something happens to wreck the PDF. If you thought that your PDF had been corrupted or destroyed, why not try the Repair PDF function of GogoPDF.com? It’s a fast cloud service that can help you retrieve the data you thought you had lost forever.

Though GogoPDF.com doesn’t guarantee that your PDF will be restored to 100% pristine condition, the service may be able to recover some or most of the data. This will help you in your project to proceed using the data that was recovered by the tool.

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