What to Consider and How to Save Money When Buying Slipcovers for Your Sofas 

With sofas being pricey, it is natural for you to want to make them last longer or give them a fresh look if you have been using them for some time. Among the easiest alternatives to buying new furniture or refurbishing them is buying new slipcovers. A few tips on what you should be looking out for when buying sofa slipcovers and how you can save handsomely on the purchase:

The Material

While sofa slipcovers can be made from just about any material you can think of, typically, the most popular are cotton, wool, linen, velvet, polyester, and Spandex. The kind of material you should choose will depend on two factors – the traffic and the feel of the fabric. If your sofas are used a lot or if there are active kids and playful pets in the house, you should choose a tough and dark-colored material that can be washed at home without any fuss. If you want the u shaped sectional couch covers to fit closely, you should choose synthetic stretchable fabrics like Spandex that have a variety of textures.

The Fit

Most slipcovers fit the best on furniture with round arms that have rectangular seat cushions. However, increasingly, you can find good-quality covers even for wingback chairs and T-cushion sofas. A one-piece sofa cover offers maximum convenience, but you can get a better fit with slipcovers for individual pieces for the cushions. Moreover, these pieces have a more smooth and seamless look. Of course, you need to deal with the fact that separate pieces are more tiresome to remove and put back after washing.

The Measurement 

To be able to buy sofa slipcovers that fit properly, you need to measure your sofa set or couch accurately. The best way of measuring them is to measure from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other. Thereafter, measure the depth and the height of the sofa in a similar manner.

How to Save Money When Buying Sofa Slipcovers

With good quality sofa covers being quite costly, it is natural that you would want to save as much money as possible. The first thing you should do is to shop around and see what kind of prices you get. You may discover some great deals if the store is running a sales promotion or offering a discount. You can also explore online retailers, many of whom offer year-round deals. According to a Forbes report, shopping online is more convenient because you can compare prices quickly. Remember that the amount of fabric used in the manufacture of sectional sofa covers is anywhere between two to four times that needed for a single-piece slipcover. Other things you can consider are detaching the back cushions and covering them individually to save on the extra labor involved in covering attached back cushions and leaving out the skirt and welt cord.


The secret to buying slipcovers that look good, perform well, and fit properly is choosing the fabric with care, taking measurements accurately, and ensuring the right fit. When buying, looking around for the best deals can save you a lot of money.

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