What to Consider When Purchasing a 300 Litre Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a device used to heat water by trapping infraredor heat radiations. A solar water heater is used at homes to produce water used for bathing,cooking,cleaning and laundry. A 300 litre water heateris highly suitable for domestic use because of its large capacity. This article will focus on what to consider when buying this device.


This water heating invention was approved in the early 18th century. In about five years, quite manyhomesinstalled a domestic solar water heater system. The 300 litre solar water heater ismost efficient because over 80% of the sun’s energy is converted into heat. If you install it, your heating bills should drastically drop to about 50%. Who wouldn’t desire this?

Qualities a Good 300 Litre Solar Water Heater

Loop System

There are two types of loop systems: open and closed loops. In the open loop, water runs inside the water collector whereas in the closed one, it does not. Consider going for the closed loop system. This is important as you do not want the water going through the whole solar thermal collector. Moreover, if any evacuated tube is taken off, there is no leaking.

Water Tank

The 300 litre solar water heater has an inner and outer water tank incorporated adjacent to each other. Cold water runs in the inner tank and heads to the hot water outlet. For a flat panel heater, water runs in the thermal collector causing a compression of water inside. Gofor a solar water heater with well insulated water tank to prevent undesired heating.

Design Layout

Some designs are meant for primary use while others are for tertiary purposes. A simple one will have a frame that holdsten evacuated tubes. Water gets heated as it quickly moves through the series of tubes. For more advanced uses,the solar water heater may come withhigh density polyurethane insulation thus a high 300 litre solar water heater price.

Durability of Components

This totally depends on how the 300 solar water heateris maintained. The basic maintenance system to be used is, periodically checking the sacrificial anode. If its length is consumed, make sure to replace it with a new one. The tools coming along with this solar water heater are legitimate to make it perform fantastically for more than fifteen years.


The 300 litre solar water heater price is affordable. Most consumers go for it as it suits their needs. It is sufficient for more than ten people, meeting their hot water requirements in a day. It basically requires little sunshine intensity to perform its operation.


Installation of a 300 litre solar water heater at home provides clean energy to heat water. This can make a sizable dent in your utility bill.Top scientists have endlessly recommended the use of a 300 litre solar water heater. Environmentalist encourage the use of it too, due to the fact that it a way of conserving the environment. A popular model is seven ss solar water heater.

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