What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Accidents happen when people least expect them. It is more severe and potentially fatal when a motorcycle is involved. Even the most careful motorcyclists can still find themselves involved in a crash. Whether the rider, passenger, or a bystander, when a motorcycle accident occurs, it is critical to know what to do after an accident transpires.   

Ensure Safety

The first thing to do is to ensure everyone is safe. Look around and analyze the current situation and the surroundings. If anyone is in harm’s way, move them to a safer area away from traffic. Next, check to see if anyone is badly injured and who else may be involved in the accident.

For motorcyclists, it is imperative to keep their protective gear on. Their adrenaline may be pumping so they do not feel any pain from their possible injuries. In addition, keeping the gear on while waiting for paramedics will help avoid aggravating any injuries.

Call 911

Once everyone is as safe as they can be, it is time to call 911. Report the accident, and the paramedics and police will arrive on the scene if it is severe enough.

Once emergency services arrive, then all those involved should see medical attention. However, some injuries may not be obvious to some after the accident. Because of this, it is crucial to get checked out even if a person feels no pain. Especially in a motorcycle accident, there is a higher chance of broken bones or internal bleeding. In addition, some injuries may not be apparent until days or weeks after the accident.

Gather Evidence

If it is possible, it is also a good idea to gather as much evidence as possible and as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident. Take as many pictures as possible of the crash while taking detailed notes of what happened and what they saw. It would also be helpful to get a copy of the police report of the accident and swap insurance information, and any other helpful contact information. 

Seek Legal Aid

It is best to seek legal aid then as soon as possible. Finding the best injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents can make all the difference. In addition, insurance companies often try to give the lowest amount possible for compensation after an accident, so having an injury lawyer will help in the negotiations with insurance. Before accepting any settlement from insurance, consult an attorney. They will speak to one’s insurance company on their behalf.

Regardless of who speaks with insurance, it is vital to consult with them in a timely manner. In addition, there are statutes of limitations to consider. Anyone involved in a motorcycle accident is entitled to sue for damages, especially if there were any injuries that occurred or a death. It is also highly critical that a person does not admit fault, even if a mistake was made that potentially caused the crash.

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to be severe or even fatal. Following these tips will help everyone know what to do when these occur. 

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