What you need to know when buying a car shade

Car shades are protective shields that protect the internal as well as the external of your vehicle. With so much ultraviolet exposure, one needs to protect their car from exterior stress which eventually extends into the interior. They prevent overheating on sunny days. During rainy seasons, they prevent dirt and leaves.

During the summer season, you want your car to maintain cool and calm and that is where car shades come in. You don’t have to wait for the hot air to come out anymore for you to access your car comfortably, neither do you have to visit a carwash every minute to take off dirt as a result of rain.


Prices of car shades differ according to their make, structure, design, and effectiveness. They are designed differently; some to prevent ultraviolet rays, heavy rainfall, and sun. Car shades prices in Kenya also differ according to dimensions and the number of cars they can accommodate. The average pricing of a waterproof shade for a single-vehicle range from Ksh97-115 thousands.


Giving the best protection is the main aim of every car shade producer. One of the most commonly used shades is the fabric one as it is cheap and available. The fabric is draped over and then glued attaching them to steel frames. They are easy to clean and designed to last for a period not less than 3 years. These fabrics vary from semi-transparent to opaque fabric. Frame design goes hand In hand with the fabric in weight and durability.


There are a variety of customized car shades ready in the markets. Pyramid-type car shades are one the popular designs for homeowners as well as commercial purposes due to their uniqueness, style, and structure. Cantilever-type car shade is a simple form of a shade that requires less fabrication process. Umbrella-type car shade has a single post in the middle allowing space for or more cars under the canopy as customized by the manufacturer.

Ease of use

Car shades locally available are designed differently. This effect, therefore, determines the installation process. What matters most is the frame design; some of the shades are very simple and portable where you can carry them for outdoor activities like camping. The simple the car shade, the easier the installation process.


A product’s ability to withstand pressure, wear, or damage determines its value for money. Car shades’ durability matches their cost. This applies in the sense that, the high the cost of a shade, the better the shades and the strong the frame designs. The most expensive, efficient, and durable fabrics are known as acrylic fabrics. A firm frame design can withstand harsh weather conditions due to its ability to resist wear.


The cost of every product is determined by its effectiveness. Car shades in this case being among the products, their prices according to findings I have made, are determined by the types, durability, and effectiveness. Car shades have brought more comfort in terms of market and consumer satisfaction.  This, therefore, leaves you at a better position in making a decision on what to go for.

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