Which Entrance Exam is Best for Aeronautical Engineering?

The designing, manufacturing, and upkeep of aeroplanes and other aircraft are the focus of aeronautical engineering. An aeronautical engineer course conducts study and develops various types of machines that fly through the air or travel through space using scientific concepts. Students studying this branch of engineering learn about the components and aerodynamic capabilities of a military or civilian aircraft. In order to guarantee safe operations, they also test, assess, and assemble their components. An engineer of this field must agree on costs, deadlines, rules of the government, and other issues. To get into any course one needs to qualify the required eligibility criteria.

What is the eligibility criteria for the course?

The study of aerodynamics is a component of aeronautical engineering, and in order to enrol in this course, a student must fulfil a number of requirements.

Students who have successfully finished grade 10 and who excel in math and science can apply for the diploma programme.

Students may apply for admission to the undergraduate programme if they have completed the 12th grade with a science major and have chosen Physics, Chemistry, and Math PCM as their major subjects. They must also have a high proportion.

The student must hold a Bachelor’s degree (B.E./B.Tech) in order to enrol in the postgraduate programme.

Which is the best entrance exam to get into an aeronautical engineering course?

There are various entrance examinations conducted at the level of the institution, the state and national level. Some of them are JEE, AME-CEE, AME-CET etc. Out of these AME-CEE qualifies for being the best entrance examination as the national AME CEE 2023 test is used to grant admission to some of India’s top AME (Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) institutes. The candidates are given guidance by AME CEE on how to choose the finest career in the aviation industry. All AME CEE 2023 approved students are eligible to receive up to 100% funding, which inspires and supports them as they pursue new learning.

AME-CEE exam details:

  • It is a 60 minutes test
  • It contains 75 questions
  • It is usually conducted during the first week of May
  • The application forms are released usually in October
  • It offers two languages in which a student can take the examination namely English and Hindi
  • It is conducted by OZOCA and is a national level entrance examination
  • The courses it offers is that of Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Conclusion: there are various examinations conducted at institutional level, state level and national level for one to get into aeronautical engineering course. AME-CEE turns out to be the most preferred option because it is a national level examination and also offers various other privileges such as scholarships even up to 100 percent. Moreover, student can select the best option for themselves based on the institution and the course they are aiming for. One also needs to keep in mind the eligibility criteria can differ for each course, institution and entrance exam respectively.

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