Which is the Cheapest Month To Relocate?

When you are on a tight budget, you must take all the possible measures to save a penny during relocation. Knowing the least expensive month of the year to relocate could certainly save you a lot of money.

The cost of relocation on a particular month can be determined by the buying and selling of properties, busy schedule of moving companies, weather conditions, availability status. Let’s examine these factors in detail to know the cheapest month to move to a new place.

House Demand

As more people strive to sell their properties during summer, it is the most expensive season to relocate. Due to high demands, you are expected to get higher prices everywhere. May and June are holiday months for school-age children, so more families anticipate relocation at this time.

On the other side, low demands during winter make it the cheapest season to move. December to February is the coldest time period of the year. For the rest of the months, the house demands are moderate.

Moving Company

The charges of moving companies depend on their work schedule. If they are having a busy day then you would have to pay more and vice versa. Due to high demands in summer, moving companies don’t work flexibly and charge higher rates. However, the less demand and harsh weather in winter lead to lower charges by moving companies. The moving charges remain moderate for the rest of the time. You can get the Best Moving Quotes when the demands are low.


The weather remains pleasant from March to the beginning of May and mid-September to November, as a result, more people look for a relocation. Due to high demands, the expenses are expected to rise.

Few people take a risk to relocate in December and January because of the harsh weather conditions. The snow and rain help you save a lot of money on your relocation. Despite the extremely hot weather during May and June, the relocation is at its peak thanks to the holiday season.


Generally, people seek relocation on the holidays to not affect their regular lifestyle. Also, families consider moving to a new place during summer as school-age children enjoy their vacations and it won’t hamper their studies. As a result, public holidays and vacation periods are busier in terms of relocation and the charges are higher as compared to normal days.


In a nutshell, September, October, and November are the most ideal months while December and January are the cheapest months to move to a new place. May and June are the costliest months to relocate.

Apart from the month, people with five-day working jobs or college going students look to relocate on weekends. Moving to a new place on weekend would be easier for many people and it leads to higher rates charged by the moving companies.

Considering a weekday for moving could be budget convenient but you have to manage your work accordingly. Moving companies are not that much busy on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so they offer cheap prices.

The expense of relocation also depends upon your moving method, whether you hire a moving company or do it yourself. The DIY option is recommended for movers, who want to spend less.

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