Why Are There So Many Young People with Health Issues?

Today’s world is much different than even a couple of decades ago and, whilst it may not be 100% evident, unless you take time to reflect on what has happened over that time, what’s changed and, what that means for the youngsters of today. There have been some major leaps and bounds in both medical and technological advancements which should mean that the children of today should have a better crack of the whip, surely?


There is no question that there are more mental health ‘issues’ these days than physical health issues but why? Of course, genetics play a part but, in reality, the human body hasn’t really changed much over a long, long time and probably won’t so it can’t be a physical manifestation due to a change in the way our bodies work, or look. That can only leave the subject of external mental influence, which is massive when you break it down. If you have kids, you should be asking yourself, what are they exposed to and how is that managed? Is there anything you could do differently to help them? Mozzies are an obvious risk in Australia and a visit to https://www.mozzigear.com.au/ will resolve that. You can order wristbands and wipes to ensure that the entire family is protected.


Whilst tech advancements have improved the way that we deal with physical health matters, surgeries, for example, that we can perform are light years ahead of what they used to be as is the diagnostic equipment.

But, what about the negative effects?

Here’s a brief rundown of what kids are up against.

  • The Internet – There’s good and bad on the web.
  • Digital devices – A big distraction.
  • Social media – Another distraction.
  • Porn – Like it or not, it’s out there and easily accessible.
  • Parental influence, peer influence
  • A massively increased amount of unsolicited ‘data’ into the brain
  • Image perception based upon things that aren’t ‘real’

Where to start?

The simple answer is, less time connected to the Internet, looking at complete waffles. Easy if, you already have a management system in place and, you’re not addicted yourself, on the other hand, you might be really up against it if 1. You use any of the above in excess 2. If your kids’ exposure to any of the above is not managed properly. Here is an article on hair loss in children, which outlines potential causes.

Get some help

One could write a book about the negative effects of any of the above points, youngsters are, quite literally, being programmed by what they are exposed to, a lot of which falls under the ‘digital marketing’ bracket. The real danger here though is that digital marketing doesn’t necessarily mean selling a product, for the most part, seeds of ‘ideas’ are being planted which influence how people feel about themselves and how they act.

Here is some Australian government information about raising teenage kids, which is worth a read and by making sure that your kids are engaged in positive activities, you can help them acquire the skills for a happy and successful life.

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