Why Canada’s Whistler Deserves a Closer Look

Whistler is known as the top ski resort town throughout all of North America. With that, it has the obvious reputation for amazing snowboarding and skiing and the activities that come along with an area like that during the warmer seasons, being mountain biking and plenty of options for hiking. 

Is that all that’s going on in Whistler? Is there more to the town than what it’s known for around the world? Of course there’s always more than meets the eye at a first glance. If you are curious as to what other magic it might contain, here’s some of the best kept secrets surrounding the wonderful Whistler. 

The Seasons

There’s a massive amount of places in the world that experience all four seasons, so this might not sound all that special at first, but nowhere is it quite as special as Whistler. For both those that do and do not want to be active in nature, there’s still going to be a breathtaking view in every direction, whether you are deep in the mountains or simply looking out of your window.

Given all four seasons have their time in Whistler, to the attentive eye things will look a little different every day, be it things are a little more green and crisp in the spring or there’s a few more leaves on the ground in fall yet those that remain hold a color with vibrance you didn’t know possible.

Beauty All Around

Natural beauty is in no short supply in Whistler and that’s no secret. Even many people that have never had the pleasure of visiting are aware of the weight that comes with the name Whistler. What not everyone is aware of is the town itself. The village was built with stone streets, plenty of shops and more. 

Each section of the village itself is just as good as the rest, from the amazing restaurants in town to the Whistler Homes for Sale. The town itself was even built with the immediate nature in mind as a careful effort was made to not be in the way of the creeks and waterfalls that have been in those same spots long before the town we know today. 

The Environment

Those who aren’t interested in the outdoors will still deeply benefit from having a life, or at least spending some time, in Whistler. Even if the outdoors are only something you experience as you pass from one building to the next, you’ll still be taking in extremely pure air as you do so. You might not think much of this if you are from the city, but the difference is absolutely going to be felt. 

Things aren’t going to change much more than they have already. There’s no fear that this is going to be somewhere else that’s going to be over industrialized within a couple of years thanks to all the environmental protections already in place. That reason alone is enough for many people to want to give Whistler a first (or closer) look.

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