Why Ceramic Veneers May be  a Good Option For you

Veneers are aesthetically-pleasing fixtures for the teeth that help with restoration and beautifying one’s oral health. Veneer can make a great difference in the lives of people because of how it helps to restore the shine of your teeth without being noticed as different from your normal teeth. For those who are self conscious and struggle with confidence due to the appearance of their teeth a veneers new Hyde park dentist appointment will help point them to the right direction and recommend Veneers which would be cemented onto the surface of their teeth. Veneers come in different sizes and materials; could be made from porcelain, resins and even ceramic. If you have been recommended for ceramic Veneers and want to know if it is the right fit for you. This article would point you towards the right direction.

What Are Ceramic Veneers ?

Ceramic Veneers are cosmetic Veneers used for restoration. Unlike porcelain veneers they do not require a serious preparation of the teeth. They are more custom-fit for a particular patient so what is needed for the dentist in new Hyde park ny is to fix it into the patient’s teeth without contouring. The materials used for Ceramic teeth include zirconia which is bio-inert and resistant to bacteria infection. There are three types of Ceramic used in making the Ceramic Veneers. They include :

  • Lithium disilicate reinforced Ceramic Veneers 
  • Leuice reinforced glass ceramic
  • Feldspathic ceramic

Advantages of Ceramic Veneers 

Ceramic Veneers offer a long lasting biocompatibility and mechanical stability to your teeth. They are fixed to the teeth to give good aesthetic results. Dental bonding Melbourne experts explain that they have properties that enable them to look like normal teeth while offering great resistance to bacterial infections. Here are some other advantages they have:

  • Ceramic Veneers have high durability and can last up to two decades. This depends on your visit to our lake success dentist who can as well tell if your Veneers need replacement.
  • They are well tolerated by your gum and do not have any side effects. This is due to its high biocompatibility.
  • You can choose a certain colour which you want from your Veneers. This is depending on your preference.

Disadvantages Of Ceramic Veneers 

For a person who is planning to get a Ceramic Veneer installed. You definitely do not need to only know the advantages. You also need to be aware of some disadvantages associated with the procedure. This would also help you make an informed decision to know if truly the Ceramic veneer is a great fit for you. Here are some of its disadvantages :

  • In cases where the newly installed Ceramic Veneers crack or chip off. It may be hard to get it repaired until they have gotten to a point where they need to be replaced.
  • They cost a lot of money so cannot easily be replaced as you can do with your resin veneer.
  • The installed Ceramic Veneers can become sensitive since your enamel will be removed before the veneer is fixed. At a point it may begin to hurt when you take hot or cold drinks. When you begin to notice these signs, you may need to see one of our dentist Lake success ny .

Properties of Ceramic Veneers

Some of the notable properties of the Ceramic Veneers and how it can help you improve or maintain your oral health includes the following :

  • They create a long lasting solution to your teeth appearance: With a Ceramic Veneer that is glued to your teeth, not only is it durable. It can also help create a solution to tooth problems. It can whiten, improve the image of broken or chipped teeth and also strengthen any weakened tooth that happens to be present.
  • Your dentist does not need to begin any procedure involving tooth contouring: When a porcelain veneer wants to be fixed to your teeth, your dentist may need to reshape or contour your teeth so that it fits with the veneer. With a Ceramic veneer you do not need to go through the whole period of preparation because your Ceramic veneer is best shaped the way teeth are. All that is required is to glue the veneer right in.


While the Ceramic Veneers offer many advantages to people, you have to note that it is not usually suited for everyone. You may need to go through a lot of resources like this one to read more about it if you consider getting one installed.

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