Why Do Teachers Need To Use Online Teaching Apps Now?

Are you still dependent on the student’s diary to notify parents about an upcoming parents-teachers meeting? Or you are struggling between grading students’ papers and teaching them. Then teachers you might want to consider things again. We know the situation is going back to normal and schools are opening again, however, it doesn’t mean that everything is going to be done traditionally again. Now that online education has been introduced to the educational field, the teaching and learning process has evolved drastically. Today most teachers are teaching online, even after the schools opened again, hybrid education is still going strong. That’s why if you are still wondering how to teach online, you need to switch things up and start using the online teaching app. 

Now, if you are wondering how an online teaching app can help you in teaching easily and effectively. So, please do keep reading the article to know yourself.

 Multi-Purpose: Who doesn’t like the all-in-one product, right? An online education app is your all-purpose app. An online teaching app can be used for offline, online and hybrid teaching of students. Now you ask how? Let us answer it. In offline classes, teachers can use it to share homework and assignments which students can check at their home and upload on the app after doing. In online teaching, it can be used to take live online classes, and students can learn from their homes. And in hybrid teaching, you can use it to take online classes for students who learn remotely and can also upload homework, and recorded lecture videos for all the students.

Easy To Use: Instead of using several apps for live video conferencing, digital whiteboard and sharing assignments, you can download one teaching app and can use all these features in one. And the best part is that these teaching apps are quite easy to use with an attractive User Interface, which makes learning online engaging and interactive for students too.

Makes Grading Easy: Grading homework, papers and assignments can be stressful and time-consuming, it’s a task that many teachers dread doing. However, if you are using an online teaching app then you don’t have to worry about it. Many teaching apps have the feature of the automated-grading system, which means the students submit their work online on the app and it grades them automatically and also sends them the feedback and result too. This lightens the burden on the teacher’s shoulders and they can focus on other important tasks like creating lesson plans, teaching students and giving them extra hours.

Personalised Teaching: While being present in the offline classroom, teachers have to pay equal attention to every child, regardless of their individual learning needs. This often affects the learning growth and academics of the students, because their learning needs are not met. However, when teachers adopt online teaching apps and use them to teach students online they can meet the individual learning needs of all students. Because while teaching online, they can modify the learning aids (videos, e-books, slides, assignments) easily as per the needs of students and forward them to them. 

Better Communication: Using an online teaching app improves teacher-student’s communication. Unlike in a physical classroom where students couldn’t communicate with teachers about their queries, learning needs and problems because of hesitation, in online classes they don’t have to face any such problems. By using the teaching app they can send messages to the teachers and ask them queries and problems and get the solution anytime. This removal of communication barriers also helps teachers, as they get feedback on students learning easily.

Teaches Technical Skills: Education is going fully online and this will remain like this in future too. That’s why to improve the quality of their teaching and survive in this digital world teachers need to learn technical skills. Today is not the time to just have basic computer skills, you have to become proficient in using various teaching and learning applications and software, and using the online teaching app is just a small step toward this. Not only this, being technically proficient gives you opportunities to reach a global learning audience. 

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