Why Every Serious Farmer Should have a Walking Tractor

Many people hate going to the farm or getting involved with the farm business, not because it does not pay but because it is very exhausting. Carrying heavy equipment, farm produce on your back, and tilling the land all day is no one’s dream life. You no longer have to shy away from farm activities because the walking tractor machine is here to do all the tiring work for you.

This article explains the features of a walking tractor, its benefits, and why you need one.

A walking tractor machine is also known as a two-wheel tractor. It is a self-propelled power machine used for various farm applications. Below are some of its features, benefits, and price in Kenya.

Features of a walking tractor machine

The features of two-wheel tractors vary depending on the type. However, there are some common features such as:

  • They use diesel.
  • They are power-driven
  • They have a fuel capacity of about 5.5 liters
  • They weigh about 125kgs
  • They can be used manually or operated electrically.


The walking tractor machine can be used in both small and large farms. It can be used for various farm activities, including; land tilling, planting, spraying farm chemicals, carrying farm produce and pumping water to the farm.


The advantages of a two-wheel tractor are numerous. However, we will go through a few;

First, it is affordable; this machine was invented to favor customers who would like to enjoy the privileges of having a tractor but cannot afford one. Farmers can do away with tilling their land using bulls at a cheaper price. Considering tractors cost up to a million Kenyan shillings, two-wheel tractors are affordable, especially for small-scale farmers.

Second, this farm machine is very efficient. A two-wheel tractor uses diesel which is cheap and readily available in the local market. Therefore, farmers can get more output at a more reasonable input cost.

Third, the machine is easy to maintain. All devices need to be maintained for more extended life service. For a two-wheel tractor, it is vital to lubricate and adjust the brakes. The parts should also be kept clean so it is easy to spot damages. It is also essential to regularly check the fuel, oil, and water.

Nonetheless, the maintenance of a walking tractor is nothing compared to that of a tractor; it is easy and cheap.

Lastly, it has additional features such as headlights. Therefore, if you are working late into the night, there is no need to postpone the work to the following day; switch on the lights and proceed with your work.


The walking tractor price in Kenya is affordable. The price difference is due to the different brands, types, and additional features. Nonetheless, this price is affordable and worth it considering its efficiency.


Despite the myriad benefits, the walking tractor machine has a few disadvantages. It produces exhaust diesel fumes which are harmful to the environment. Some farmers have also complained of reduced efficiency when using it in the rain or under the sun.


Indeed the benefits of a two-wheel tractor outweigh its downsides. The machine is effective, easy to use, and easy to maintain. If you are a farmer or looking to become one, consider buying a walking tractor for a successful farming experience.

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