Why Roofing tiles are popular Roofing Materials in Kenya

Roofing tiles pertain to clay-made structures used for roofing and contrary to ordinary iron sheets are the most reliable roofing options currently in application because they are resistant to corrosion. The concept of the roofing tiles is subject to customizations that suit the contractor’s needs. Looking for a roofing system that guarantees safety, durability, and beauty, roofing tiles are the ultimate solution.  In this article, I explore the various factors affecting roofing tiles’ prices.

In the building & construction arena, more advanced building solutions have emerged and roofing is not an exception.  Experienced contractors understand that roofing is as important as the foundation, and they can’t underestimate the need for quality materials. However, roofing tiles come in different varieties and designs that serve various purposes, thus fulfilling customers’ needs. Although there are other roofing alternatives, I will focus primarily on the factors determining the roofing tiles’ prices.

Nature of the material used

The roofing tiles exist in various forms depending on the type of material it’s made from. For instance, the most common materials revolve around metal, concrete, composite, clay, and slate among others. The materials don’t appear naturally always and some require an extraction process to get them and hence cost increases pushing retailer price upwards. In addition, it’s undoubtedly true that materials exhibiting more durability potential than the rest gives quality assurance, thereby a key determinant in roofing tiles prices in Kenya.

Labor Cost

It’s worth noting that roofing tiles require installation to be operational, and different roofing tiles have different ways of getting fixed. This translates to labor cost that fluctuates depending on the hourly wages, experience, and the material involved. Labor cost, whether high or low, is an indicator of different final prices. Furthermore, high-skilled labor equates to higher labor costs that result in higher prices in the end.

Roof Size

Generally, in life the size of some things may as well translate directly to their prices, e.g., small things selling low and the bigger versions selling high. In our case, the roofing tiles bear different measurements, with larger tiles being slightly expensive than the small ones and vice versa. Roof size is a determinant when it comes to pricing.

Cost of Iron Sheets

The world is full of wide choices to make a selection and more so during purchasing decisions, a buyer is willing to buy something that offers the highest value for his /her money. Iron sheets serve as an alternative to roofing and when the prices are low more buyers tend to buy considering other factors remain constant.


Before reaching a purchasing decision, it’s advisable to consider other factors such as the cost of rain gutters, roofing nails, and roof ridges. Again, reviewing the terms and conditions about the warranty on after-sales service is vital to ensure future help in the event a need arises. The buyer should shift focus to checking on the maintenance cost to ascertain if the cost is manageable eventually. Whether doing new construction or renovation, whether doing commercial or residential, the roofing tiles will give a long-lasting experience.

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