Why Some Hublot Classic Fusion Watches Have Ceramic Parts

When many people think about Hublot watches, they may automatically assume that these timepieces are made predominantly of metal. That’s true to some extent. But if you observe the release of Hublot watches into the market, you may perceive that some of these watches have ceramic components. Why does Hublot make watches with ceramic parts?

Ceramic is Tough

A good example of a Hublot Classic Fusion watch incorporating ceramic into the watch parts is the Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski White Ceramic model. This particular watch relies on Microblasted White Ceramic for the case.

Another watch from the Classic Fusion collection also uses ceramic parts. This one is the Takashi Murakami All Black. It is fitted with a case made of Satin-Finished and Polished Black Ceramic. It seems rather fitting that Hublot has a white Classic Fusion and a black Classic Fusion since the use of ceramic for both takes intensive research.

According to the Hublot website, the company’s watchmaking design team chose ceramic because it is quite tough. It’s reportedly almost as tough as diamond, meaning the watch can undergo rough usage yet remain scratch-free. Hublot is quite confident about its ceramic parts. For these two watches, their ceramic components are much needed to preserve the quality of the end product.

Other Hublot Watches Rely On Ceramic Too

It isn’t surprising that there are other watches under the Hublot brand that also have ceramic parts. Some examples of this trend are:

Big Bang Unico King Gold Ceramic

Big Bang Meca-10 Ceramic Blue

Big Bang Unico Ceramic Magic Gold

Classic Fusion Orlinski Blue Ceramic

The company’s ceramic parts come in either red, blue, or green colors.

Why Hublot Invests in In-House Research and Development

Hublot can create unique and useful materials like ceramic because it has its Metallurgy and Materials Laboratory. This facility works hand-in-hand with the Hublot Department for Research and Development and the in-house foundry. This way, Hublot watchmakers need not fear the competition because the company continuously strives to create better luxury watches.

Another reason the company invests in research and development is that counterfeiters cannot easily make bogus Hublot watches that have unique ceramic parts. It would be too expensive for a counterfeiter to create ceramic parts. This serves to deter counterfeiters from making fakes that can withstand rough usage as a genuine Hublot Classic Fusion watch can.

How Much Does a Classic Fusion Watch Cost?

If you aim to buy a Classic Fusion watch with ceramic parts from Hublot, you should be aware that these are luxury watches. That means the price for each can be rather steep. So only people with a high net worth or watch collectors who are determined to find other Hublot watches for their collection may be able to afford them.

For instance, the Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski White Ceramic model retails for 18,800 USD. On the other hand, the Takashi Murakami All Black model is sold for 27,300 USD in the market. These watches have ceramic parts because the internal movement within each Classic Fusion watch can be sensitive.

So the ceramic parts help protect the internal movement and may also let the watch last longer. And the internal movement itself may have been invented after a lot of investment was placed in research and development. This means Hublot had to bank on the expertise of watchmakers, engineers, chemists, and physicists just to come up with one watch. This does drive up the price, though, understandably.

Of course, the other materials that are used as components of the Classic Fusion luxury watches may also push up the prices of each. For example, gemstones may be used in making a Classic Fusion watch, such as sapphires and diamonds. These, in themselves, are already expensive.

Other parts could be made of precious metals and artificial alloys like titanium and King Gold. When all these are combined in the same watch, Hublot is justified in putting a high retail price on the timepiece.

However, if you would like a discounted price for your preferred Hublot Classic Fusion watch, you can always go the pre-owned route. The challenge here is that you’d need to know how to distinguish a genuine Hublot from the counterfeits. But this is a good option for those who only want to acquire a real luxury watch, especially one fitted with quality components, albeit at a lower price.


Hublot is performing exceptionally well in the global market, considering it is investing heavily in the research and development of its luxury watches. Not surprisingly, watch collectors and Hublot fans alike may be pleased that the new ceramic material is a big hit amongst customers. This means you are buying a great product if you purchase a Hublot Classic Fusion watch with ceramic components.

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