Zodiac Sign & Its Ruling Body Parts

If you thought zodiac sign prediction is simply like a palm reading online session, then you were wrong because it’s more than that. Apart from predictions, zodiac signs are also associated with different body parts. And thus, it is believed that each zodiac sign has an influence on certain body parts and that is what we are going to find out in this blog.

Aries: Hea, Brain, Eyes, 

Aries loves to be number one. This sign is passionate, motivated, and self-assured leader who builds community with their cheerful nature and rent- less determination. Your ruling body parts are the head, brain and eyes. With that being a fact, you are thus prone to headaches, migraines, nervousness, stress and anxiety.

Taurus: Throat, Neck, Vocal Chords 

Taurus-born people are known for reliability, stubbornness, practicality, loyalty and their eye for beauty. A Taurus’ ruling body parts are throat, neck, vocal, chords and ears. While this makes the sign good with singing, but you are also prone to sore throat, tonsillitis or likely anything affecting your throat.

Gemini: Arms, Shoulders, Lungs, Ribs, Hands

Gemini-born are jolly, thoughtful, enthusiastic, humorous and possess intelligence. However, at times, you can be a bit lethargic, unstable and messy. And when you are in that stage, make sure you give attention to your arms, shoulders, lungs, ribs and hands as you rule over these parts. It’s common to see people of your sign as athletes or singers. However, you may struggle with congestion and nervousness. In such cases, a tulsi bracelet can help.

Cancer: Stomac, Breasts

Cancer-born are known as the sensitive ones. However, you are also a very intuitive and loving being. Your ruling body parts are the stomach, breasts and diaphragm. Cancerians suffer from a lot of indigestion. You feel fit when you eat right and remain hydrated.

Leo: Heart, Back, Spinal cord

The one with their zodiac sign as Leo is daring, intellectual, emotional and bold. These people are known for taking a stand and thus represent the heart, back and spinal cord. Mostly, Leo’s does not have any serious health issues. But You are more prone to anxiety, high stress, depression, high blood pressure, etc.

Virgo: Pancreas, Intestines

Virgos-born people are bright, modest, humorous and well-spoken. Your ruling parts are the pancreas and intestine. As you rule over the stomach area, you need to be careful of blood disorders, vitamin deficits, OCD and eating abnormalities. You are also prone to stress and thus may want to get yourself a rudraksha online to curb such stressful vibes.

Libra: Kidneys, Body equilibrium

Libra-born people are gentle, calm and lovers of beauty. This sign rules over kidneys and body equilibrium. Mostly, Libras are good at taking care of themselves but it differs from person to person. However, your sign is commonly more prone to moodiness, nervousness and situational urinary tract infections.

Scorpio: Reproductive system

Scorpio-born people are determined, possessive and cautious. Above all, You also have a magnetic charm and thirst for lust. And thus they rule the reproductive organs in the human body. Your sign is more prone to blood disorders, migraines, urinary tract infections, abdominal cramps and other related issues.

Sagittarius: Hips, Thighs, Liver, Sciatic nerve

Sagittarius-born people are daring and full of self-confidence. You are candid, intellectual, logical and have a thirst for wanderlust. And as you quench the love for travelling for yourself, your thighs help in making the job easier for you. Ruling over hips makes this sign a lot sensual too.

Capricorn: Teeth, bones, knees, skin

Capricorn-born people are practical and sensible. Your ruling parts are teeth, bones, knees and skin. Most Capricorns have nice, durable teeth. What teeth represent about Capricorns is that you are hardworking.

Aquarius: Ankles, lower legs, circulatory system

Aquarius people are self-governing, durable, attention-grabbing and also a little inexplicable. Talking about the body parts ruled by Aquarius, that would be ankles, lower legs and circulatory system. You are also on move and because of heavy lifting, your arm and leg may get injured.

Pisces: Feet, Toes

Pisces born people are intuitive, imaginative and self-sacrificing, generous and emotional. As their ruling body is feet and toes Pisces are the free soul. You are prone to foot fungus and also to cold, cough, migraines, headaches as energy from the ground do affect you

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