4 Exciting Activities at Adventure Resorts near Mumbai

When you live in the cities like Mumbai and Pune, it is obvious to get bored with the daily routine. The best way to get a break from such a hectic and boring schedule is to visit some adventure resorts near Mumbai. It always feels good to visit someplace away from the city hassle, full of fun and adventure. An adventure resort provides various activities in one place. You can have fun while experiencing different adventurous activities with your family and friends.

Let us check out what are the different adventurous activities one should look at in the resort before finalizing one.

1. Burma Bridge

This is a very exciting activity that especially attracts people who want to try some new adventure in life. It is known as Burma Bridge as it is the improvised version of the bridges that are used in Burma. Burma is full of water channels and rivers and this is the reason you will find various bridges there. It is made with a path made of thick rope along with two ropes to hold. It is made over a pond to give a complete feel of adventure. You must check that complete safety measures must be taken before you start walking over that rope. Enjoy this adventurous walk in the middle of nature and feel the adrenaline rush.

2. Trekking

People who like an adventure in life cannot ignore trekking. Near Mumbai and Pune, you will find various locations to explore by trekking. The resort must facilitate the interested people with a team of experts that know the route and guide others during the trek. It is always exciting to trek over the mountains with your friends, experiencing the beauty of nature and exploring various new things. You must be physically fit while performing this activity otherwise you may create problems for others.

3. Rock Climbing

This is another exciting activity that you must look for in an adventure resort. This activity tests your physical and mental strength as you must have high endurance power and a good mental balance while performing such activity. To give this sport a natural look, many resorts create a structure of rock climbing on the nearest hill and make it more challenging for the people. By this, the challenger tests their physical and mental strength and wins over their fear of height and speed. This results in boosting their self-confidence and self-belief.

4. Target Shooting

It is a great activity to test your concentration power. The resorts organize target shooting in the middle of nature to give it a natural look. You get real shooting experience as many of the resorts to provide pistols, rifles, shotguns, and various other shooting tools to make it more exciting. The participants are provided with different shapes and sizes of targets and they have to shoot all of them at the correct place. You can compete with other fellow members to make it more interesting.

These are a few activities along with that you can also look for white water rafting, raft building, rappelling, and various other adventure activities before choosing a resort.

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