5 reasons to hire a lawyer for your Texas divorce

Ending your marriage is more than just about signing a few papers. In Texas, you can file for a no-fault divorce, and if your spouse wants the same, you can complete the process in just 60 days. Before that, you have to finalize a separation agreement and decide on key aspects – child support, child custody, alimony, and distribution of assets. Texas is a community property state, but the division of assets and debts may not be equal. In your interest, you may want to consult a reliable divorce attorney. Top firms, such as The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, have top lawyers who can help sort your divorce sooner. Here’s why you need a lawyer –

  • Get genuine advice. Divorce is never an easy choice, and you shouldn’t be making decisions when you are not in your best state of mind. An attorney can offer advice on your circumstances and advise you on the key aspects of family law in Texas. They will also explain what the divorce may mean for you in the long run. 
  • Get the paperwork done. It is no secret that your divorce paperwork needs to be flawless. You shouldn’t sign any document that could impact your rights. If you have a lawyer, they will draft or review divorce papers as needed, and once they approve of the same, you can make a decision about signing them. 
  • Get support for your custody battle. Separating spouses often have a hard time negotiating child custody and child support. If you hire a lawyer, they can negotiate better on your behalf. If your spouse has hired a lawyer, it is evident that they don’t want to settle things without legal expertise on your side, and you should consider that too. 
  • Get support for the trial. What happens if you and your spouse cannot agree on the key aspects of the divorce? The matter will end up in court, and without your attorney, you may end up accepting something that you don’t want. A lawyer can ensure that you get a fair outcome from the divorce. 
  • Get confidence. No matter how complicated, you need to be calm during the entire course of the divorce, and that’s possible when an attorney is handling everything for you. No, your lawyer is not your therapist in any way, but they can be empathetic and truly supportive of your circumstances. 

Check for top lawyers in Houston now and ask for a consultation session to discuss your divorce.

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