7 Fabulous Summer Beach Accessories You Need to Have

You’ve dusted off the winter cobwebs and watched the local weather forecaster’s animated prediction of a hot sunny day. What next? Well, there’s only one correct answer.

It’s time to stop work and head to your nearest beach.

Like any dedicated and stylish beachgoer, if you are spending the day with sand between the toes, you will have to look the part.

That’s why we’ve put together our definitive guide on the must-have summer accessories for your upcoming day trip to the beach.

1. A Waterproof Phone Case

Do we want to get sand and water in our brand new iPhone? No, we don’t. Accidents take mere seconds, so it’s best to come prepared for your next trip to the beach with some robust, waterproof storage.

You can purchase clear, waterproof phone cases with a lanyard to wear the phone around your neck. So you won’t need to fear a giant wave hitting you and your belongings.

Some phone cases even function underwater for those planning on snorkeling or swimming in those inviting, shallow, turquoise waters during your next beach trip.

2. A Stylish Beach Hat

The perfect summer hat gets a double tick in the box. It will look stylish and keep your skin cool and protected from the sun. What’s not to love?

For traditionalists, try a large-brimmed beige straw hat. And don’t forget some oversized sunglasses to finish the glamorous look.

Are you a sports enthusiast seeking a more active day at the beach? If so, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic baseball hat. These YNOT patch hats are one of the most popular styles.

For those preparing beach accessories for a big family (and don’t fancy lugging around a huge bag), go for the practical option of a collapsable hat that’s easy to pack.

3. Sandcastle Buckets

You don’t need to have kids with you to enjoy building sandcastles! Get artistic on your day at the beach with a unique creation in the sand. And if you do have kids, welcome to several rare and blissful hours of peace.

Sandcastle buckets have come a long way since the old days of big, clunky plastic containers that were awkward to carry around.

It’s easy to find collapsable buckets that you can pack away neatly in your beach bag. And some brands are made with recyclable silicone so that you won’t be contributing to the Earth’s existing plastic problem.

You can also splurge on some shapes that will give you something more exciting than the usual castle. Dinosaurs, starfish, and “cake” baking molds are just some of the many different fun styles you can buy.

4. The Perfect Beach Mat

You no longer have to compromise between comfort and style when lounging on the beach. So when selecting the most stylish summer accessories, ditch the towels and get a state-of-the-art, soft, cooling beach mat.

Always look for a mat that is both waterproof and sand-resistant. You’ll thank us for that advice when it’s time to return to the car.

Opt for a bright, unique design that will make it easy to spot among the crowds of beachgoers after you return from a dip in the sea.

You’ll want a reasonably large beach mat unless you’re traveling solo. Choose one made with lightweight material so that it is easy to carry across the beach when searching for the perfect sunbathing spot.

5. A Multicompartment Beach Bag

Large loose beach bags that you can sling across your shoulder might look nice, but they aren’t always the best summer accessories.

But in today’s world of iPhones, headsets, and designer sunglasses, you’ll want something more practical with plenty of individual storage compartments.

After all, you don’t want to spend precious beach time rummaging in the bottom of a large bag searching for your sunscreen.

Most importantly, make sure you get something that’s waterproof. And if you plan on taking snacks, make sure there is a zip-up compartment to keep your lunch away from the sand.

External water holders are a must for easy access during the hottest parts of the day and when you are trekking across the sand.

6. A Beautiful Beach Umbrella

We might love the sun, but record temperatures mean that it’s probably not reciprocated, especially when it comes to our delicate skin.

Instead, pick the best of both worlds by sitting on a sunny beach with a large, bright, and beautiful beach umbrella. It will keep you and your family’s skin fully protected from the elements.

Some umbrellas offer extra protection against the wind, so bear this in mind if you live near a windy coastal location.

You’ll also want to check the manufacturer’s description to determine whether the canopy protects against UVA and UVB sun rays. The best umbrellas protect against both.

There are other features you’ll want to prioritize too. These include how lightweight the umbrella is to carry, how easy it is to set up, and whether you can fold it when packing it away in your car.

7. A Cooler Bag

Cold drinks, anyone? It’s a must for a tranquil day at the beach. But the last thing you want is to get out the soft drinks, beer bottles of crisp white wine, only to discover the bottles are hot enough to fry an egg.

So top of your beach accessory list should be a functional cooler bag for your drinks and snacks.

A foldable cooler means you’ll be able to pop the bag in the freezer before you pack. That will give you a few extra hours of cold storage when you’re out on your beach trip.

However, for the ambitious food lovers who want to combine sunbathing with a picnic feast fit for a king, go for a large, wheelable cooler for easy transportation.

Get Your Summer Accessories Now

It’s never too early to get eagerly organized for your summer activities. And you might find some fantastic deals and offers if you start buying your summer accessories now.

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