8 Reasons why Businesses should use stickers to promote their brand

Have you recently been hearing the term sticker marketing everywhere and are wondering what it is about? How can you possibly generate positive results using sticky pieces of paper or plastic? Where would you even start?

We will answer your questions in the next couple of minutes by introducing you to eight reasons why custom stickers can help your business to reach new customers, generate exposure and hit your growth targets. Sounds good? Then let us jump right in. 

1. Increase exposure

Stickers are colorful, portable and inherently sharable. This means they can be used like business cards to inform existing and potential customers about your business or service.

On top of that, you can stick them to anything from billboards to lamp posts and water bottles, with permission that is. Through this, you can cover lots of ground and reach an entire new geographical group.

2. Change it up quickly  

Using stickers as part of your marketing allows you to be flexible with your campaign and action changes or update them in record time. 

You have plans to release a limited edition product range? A holographic label with a limited edition print can help you communicate this to your customers. Do you want to elevate your packaging for Halloween? No problem, order some pumpkin stickers and custom shipping labels and get started. 

3. Brand it in house

One of the most powerful reasons for investing in stickers is their cost. When you buy them in bulk, a sticker often only comes to a few pennies, almost guaranteeing a positive return on investment. 

Stickers then enable you to brand your product, packaging or merchandise in house. This not only ensures you have full control over this process, but can save you money as you can just buy your mailers, jars and boxes in bulk.

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4. Ignite positive feelings

This low cost also means you can add free stickers with every order or purchase made. While this can be an easy step for you, it is one of the most impactful things you can do with stickers because they are likely to be perceived as a gift. 

Marketing has long relied on the giving of gifts as it ignites the so-called rule of reciprocity: a subconscious reaction that makes us feel the need to return the favor after having received a gift. 

In our context, this can take the form of a recommendation, a purchase or a social media post. And, as we all know, gifts create positive emotions that will be associated with your brand, increasing the likelihood of a repeat purchase. 

5. Make them work for you

We adore sticker marketing and campaigns using stickers only absolutely work. However, especially when getting started with sticker marketing, it can be helpful to slowly incorporate stickers in your existing campaigns.

This can be super easy and as simple as adding a thank-you sticker with every order. Little details like this can elevate your customers’ experience and show that sticker marketing does not have to be time-consuming.

6. Cater to a different channel

Digital marketing is full of potential and definitely something each business should invest in. However, as you probably know from personal experience, the digital space is sometimes overcrowded with advertisements and marketing messages. 

Investing time and energy into catering to an offline channel can help you increase brand awareness and reach potential new customers. Stickers are perfect for this as they allow you to be present offline with little effort. 

7. Versatile options

The sticker universe is vast and allows you to choose your ideal material, the perfect size for your application and the best possible shape.

It is worth learning a little more about this as it enables you to find your perfect match and invest in a sticker that can help you communicate your brand values, be that high-end quality or sustainability – there is a sticker for everything. If You Need More Information Visit demotix

8. Create brand ambassadors

The positive emotions you can create with stickers can not only result in a repeat purchase, it also means that your customers are more likely to actually use your stickers on their personal belongings. 

Just think of your brand logo being used as a phone or laptop sticker and all the potential new customers that will become exposed to your brand this way. This is such an effective form of word-of-mouth marketing and turns your existing customers into brand ambassadors. 

These are eight ways you can benefit from using custom stickers to promote your brand. We would love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any questions or want to share your sticker marketing trick and tips. 

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