A Comparative Analysis of Tutanota Email Features

A comparative analysis of Tutanota Email Features gives a deep insight into the exclusive services for the users. Tutanota is matchless in its performance and comparison with other email services. Tutanota is unique in its features that beat the other emails in the matter of security, privacy, communication, and ease-of-use. It is the best choice for connectivity with domain accounts and professional use. The first and foremost thing is the open sourcing that makes it perfect for personal as well as professional use. Tutanota is the top listed email in security and privacy issues. The other emails can be detected easily by the attackers which becomes a serious issue for the users and sometimes they have to lose their data, and information on sensitive matters. Hence Tutanota is trustworthy and you can believe in it in case of all matters and for the storage of sensitive information. Its security cannot be tracked like other emails that are tracked easily by malicious hackers.

Connectivity with Domain Accounts:

It can be connected with domain accounts to use in business. Tutanota is a secure email service. While Gmail encrypts the stored data in its servers by holding the encryption keys. This means that the provider Google has complete access to the data. Tutanota is different as it does not have access to the encryption keys. The priority is to protectusers’ address book, entire mailbox, and all calendars with automatic encryption. It also saves money and time by hosting all business emailsencrypted in the cloud. It makes it possible to manage multiple accounts in a single location. Client software allows us to arrange several accounts.

Unbreakable Security and Encryption:

The most attractive element of Tutanota is its unbreakable security that gives tension-free time to users who can attach it to their accounts for professional use. The security is guaranteed by the encryption that secures all data in it.While Tutanota recommends strong passwords that are lengthy as compared to common passwords, the security can be hardened even more by enabling two factor authentication. It is also integral to change passwords with the help of a recovery code which is the only available option as Tutanota does not have access to the password. Due to its high level of security there is no chance to give your information and data to the attackers. Tutanota has the specific features of encrypted transmissions, end-to-end encryption of all internal emails, contact details, and U2F for second-factor authentication. Hence there is no option for the third part interruption. It is an open-sourced system that gives a good time to the users. Its app can be used on mobile phones for easy access to your accounts

Business Hallmark and Usability:

Tutanota email is designed with particular business features that make it perfect for business accounts and professional usage. It is a customer’s domain that keeps in view the needs of the user and their system is reliable for business mail and working. It provides multi-users support that makes it easy for customers to connect with their organisation easily and effectively. The feature of Whitelabel customizations enables the companies to rebrand it according to their choice. It can be  used according to business requirements. Encrypted contact form is another remarkable feature of Tutanota as it is not found in other emails. An encrypted contact form can be used for the storage of encrypted information. The usability of email is simple as it can be easily connected with any other device. The offline support enables users to work anytime and anywhere. Mostly useless emails overflow the inbox  that creates a problem for getting the important emails. Tutanota email is free from this sort of issue as it has the feature of inbox rules that makes them convenient to use by opening the desired email. Dedicated clients exist for desktop and mobile.

Final Words:

To sum up the whole discussion, it can be concluded that Tutanota is the name of the safety and security of emails as compared to the other emails that are intercepted and broken down by attackers easily. The stealing of data and other precious information can come to cause many social evils in society. Hence Tutanota is the fine solution to protect from attacks and the loss of data. It is worthwhile and trustworthy as all data is end-to-end encrypted. The use of strong passwords and their feasibility is convenient to use and increases the security further.

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