1. Word

Lists Have the apprentice begin reading aloud a list with which he/she is comfortable. If an apprentice has difficulty with more than three words in list one, stop the inventory. If the apprentice has 7/10 words correct in any list, move up to the next list. The lists have been written in a simple-to- more complex order and include words contextualized to each trade.

2. Pseudo words

The apprentice should not have major difficulty with the pronunciation of these pseudowords. The reason for inclusion of this list is that it tells the assessor if the apprentice has major difficulty with phonics, which can affect his/her ability to learn to read technical language at the required level.

3. Reading

Excerpts The reading passages are not leveled by Essential Skill complexity level but are arranged from simple to complex using a readability index. Apprentices should be able to answer both the recall questions as well as those questions requiring “reading between the lines.” Apprentices need to be comfortable reading and answering questions at the highest level in the inventory.

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