Benefits of Standing Desks and Ergonomic Chairs

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital and the most populous city in Australia. Brisbane is considered one of Australia’s best cities to work in. The Queensland Government is committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace for employees to thrive. In recent times, the well-being and health of the employees have become crucial. So, apart from following all the health protocols, it is essential to shop for ergonomic office furniture in Brisbane. Why ergonomic furniture? Ergonomic furniture is designed for comfort and reduces any health issues. If you want your employees to continue working in the office, you must make their workspace comfortable. There are two essential ergonomic furniture: standing desks and ergonomic chairs. To know what they are and their benefits, keep reading this article.

What are the benefits of standing desks?

Standing desks are also known as adjustable standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks. It allows you to stand up comfortably and alternate between sitting and standing at work. Along with that you can also install wireless charging under desk that would a wonderfull addition to your office as it can helps to remove extra wires fom the space. Following are the incredible benefits of standing desks.

  1. It can help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases: If you move for a short time, you can be at risk of cardiovascular diseases. As per a study in 2011 at the University of Leicester and Loughborough University, participants who sat the most had a whopping 147 per cent increase in cardiovascular events like stroke and heart attack. Sitting for longer hours slows down the flow of blood and allows the fatty acids to build up, resulting in heart diseases.
  2. It can boost productivity: To boost the productivity of the employees, it is a must to invest in standing desks. Research by the British Medical Journal states that participants who switched their traditional office desks with the standing desks improved engagement in their work.
  3. It can lower blood sugar levels: According to a study, slow walking, standing and sitting alternatively, and slow cycling can lower blood sugar levels across the day. Standing after finishing lunch has also proven to reduce blood sugar levels.

What are the benefits of ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs provide customised support and come with features like lumbar support, adjustable arm width, adjustable headrest, chair height adjustment, tilt lock and so on. You can check the following advantages of ergonomic chairs below.

  1. It supports your posture: People tend to have an incorrect posture when sitting on traditional office chairs. Since the ergonomic office chairs have a headrest and backrest, they will support your posture while sitting. You can also make some corrections like adjusting the height of the chair to improve your posture.
  2. It provides comfort: Since ergonomic chairs are made up of premium-quality materials, they aid in the comfort of the users. The contoured seat and back of the ergonomic office chairs improve the comfort level of the users. Hence, ergonomic chairs are utilised in many companies to keep their employees productive and comfortable. Although purchasing this office furniture in Brisbane is a great idea, it is necessary to take a break every half an hour from sitting.
  3. It reduces neck and back pain: You need neck support to avoid stiffness in your shoulder and neck region. If the stiffness develops and stays for a long time, it can lead to cervical spondylosis and other complications. A good feature for those who spend time answering calls is headrests. That’s because they support the neck and head, allowing you to stretch out whenever you want. What’s more, these chairs come with a backrest to support the spine’s natural curve.

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