Best Strategies to Remove Trees

Trees are our best friends. We cannot imagine our lives without trees. But we need to cut down trees a lot of the time. You don’t have to remove trees from your plot so often, but when the need arises, everything turns out to be much more complicated than it seems. Therefore, before taking the first step, you should prepare. You should seek the help of professionals to remove the tree. If you are preparing to remove the tree, then you can contact Oahu Tree Removal.

How to Remove a Tree:

If the size, location of the tree allows you to cut it down yourself, you will need the following tools:

  • Saw;
  • Axe;
  • Shovel;
  • Twine, winch;
  • Special equipment (gloves, goggles, shoes).

1. In any case, you should cut off small ones, cut down large branches. If it works, you should remove the crown, leaving only the trunk 0.5-1 m high (so that it is convenient to loosen and cut the remaining stump).

2. Then separate small, large roots, working with a sharp shovel or axe, trying to dig in as deep as possible. It is doable as long as the roots are no thicker than an arm.

3. Then go to felling a tree, push or pull the stump by hand, pulling it off with a car or motorcycle.

4. Choose the place of the fall so that the falling piece does not damage plants or buildings.

5. If the tree is large, two types of techniques are suitable:

6. With a guy – loosening and trying to dump the trunk in the direction of a natural slope or artificially made (triangular notch in the right direction).

7. In parts, cut off branches and pieces of the trunk, drop them, or lower them on a rope.

What to do if the tree is large:

If you want to eliminate large-sized trees with thick trunks, there are various sawing techniques:

  • Towards the natural slope of the trunk;
  • With a guy;
  • Parts with reset;
  • In regions with subsequent descent, etc.

Therefore, if a problem tree grows on your site, do not risk it. It is better to invite the professionals who work for the Industrial Mountaineering Company. If you want to remove unwanted trees then you can call Roseville Tree Experts to remove unwanted trees  

Remove Trees without Dead trees:

In decorating and landscaping, sometimes we need to relocate some trees in the garden, especially those that grow too close to the house. It is necessary to seek professional help. Because there must be equipment that will support the size and weight of the tree that needs to be moved, but if a small tree we can do it ourselves. Home with the technique of plucking that will make the tree not die.

  • Check the condition of the tree. Before moving, we should check the states of the trees that we are planning to remove are in good condition or not.
  • Water the soil continuously for about three days before starting to dig. This watering will help keep the roots moist at the time of being dug out of the soil.
  • Tie the branches of the tree. In time to move, start tying from the lowest unit. Wrap the threads around the tree. This method, in addition to making it easy to transport. It also makes it easier to dig plants out of the ground.
  • Gently dig up the roots by hand and shovel. Be careful not to break the roots. We may be able to estimate root depth by looking at the diameter of the stem. Then multiply by eight by 12 inches. For example, the trunk’s diameter is 5 inches, multiply by 8 and 12: 1.5×8 = 12 and 1.5×12=18, so dig about 12-18 inches deep.

Elimination Methods:

There are many methods for destroying old plantings; they differ in labor and time spent. You need to choose a specific implementation method after assessing the complexity of the upcoming work:

1. Mechanical options:The process is suitable if you plan to remove old trees in large areas quickly and on a tight schedule;

2. Chemical agents:Aggressive substances act soon, but the use of chemicals harms the environment;

3. Folkways:“Their availability attracts grandfathers” funds. In addition, they are time-tested and, in many cases, effective.

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